Digging deep

Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching, and one must have those principles for themselves, but how to be consistent with this was something that could only be attained through effort and morality. There is often the case that we won’t be true to ourselves and we are the only ones who are aware of it, which makes none of the others point a finger at us, understanding the concept and digging deeper into it, I was able to find my grey areas where I can work on and move on to a path to make myself better than I am now. Working on the RAP sheet opened up a lot of blind spots of mine which need improvement, it helped me analyze the possibilities/outcomes and the impact of my action on myself, as well as the people around me.

Moving on to EI, emotional intelligence for me is having a balance or control over the emotions we feel and having the ability or awareness of how to react. Things seemed puzzling till I got to know the concept of amygdala hijack, and that’s when I realized why I react the way I do, it’s not me it’s just the adrenaline rush – Jk, learning this made things way simpler for me, as I am now mindful of this thing happening in my body is just a natural process and controlling the same becomes easier after knowing this behind the s-cience ;P.

All in all, the experience of going through this change in itself is a task, however, life class makes it an enjoyable and easier process and experience.

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