Integrity & EI

Knowing one’s fear and living a life with the same has become a common trait in today’s world, but identifying the root cause and finding ways to deal with it has never been a priority for us which stagers our overall growth and leads to an unsatisfied life. This year through Life Class, this problem of identifying different fears and dealing with the same has been enhanced to a great extent. What makes us hold back in several situations and why do we never want to face certain challenges based on our pre-conceived notions, these areas are highlighted with valid reasonings this year which makes us come out of it and strengthens us to make an action plan to resolve the same. I have understood that to have certain fears in life is normal and universal, some might show it while others may keep it within but what’s important is to feel empowered and to have the vision to face it. Different techniques and activities conducted during the life class helped me to broaden my understanding of fears and how it’s normal to be oneself without doubting the way we live. The classes we had so far have helped me to identify my fears and have motivated to create an action plan for the same.

Waiting for the upcoming sessions.

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