Integrity & EI

Emotional intelligence is such a vast topic, I never knew. I always thought I am very mature with my emotions but I have eventually realised that being emotion less is not being emotionally mature. These 6 sessions so far have taught me so much about Integrity and Emotional Intelligence at a very deep level. Moreover the bond that I have made people around me which I always struggled to make have been stronger than ever. I have learnt having people around and feeling the emotions for them when they talk and listening is a very crucial skill which I have developed really well so far. I will be yearning to find a “FLOW” in my life and that’s the ultimate goal to achieve satisfaction with being emotionally intelligent. Meditation and self time is one of the biggest take away I have from these session. I always have felt that I am not very calm but eventually I have started loving myself, my roots and now it makes me appreciate everything and everyone around me. I still have this goal to be more calm and contented person which fingers crossed I will reach very soon. Thank you Fountainhead for this amazing opportunity, I never knew I will love these sessions so so much!

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  • Mayuri, you are a learner. It has been wonderful experience knowing you personally. I am sure you will bring these learning back to your life wherever required. Thank you for posting your reflection.

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