The Critical Thinking Blog as a journal

Hello budding Critical Thinkers,

As discussed in the workshop yesterday, we want to use this blog as an ongoing journal of critical thinking. Each one of you are required to do the following till we meet next in September:

  • watch your thoughts, and blog about those where you find yourself showing a bias or where you can or actually apply Critical Thinking (CT)
  • for those of you left to share the homework from Saturday (about any one cognitive bias and it’s application to your life), please so share that at the earliest.
  • you can also post about issues that you want the class to look deeper into.
  • you need to Post at least once in 2 weeks
  • make sure that you follow with your buddy to post

We need to continue working together, and therefore invest time and effort in putting up these posts, if we want to become better critical thinkers. So hoping for your prompt contributions,

Vardan Kabra

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