Thank you God!!

Is there a God? I have heard and infact questioned myself several times. After digging deep, I start questioning God himself…are you there. Then ultimately realise….there is God, may be not physically present but yes, I believe, there is a supreme power, some energy that brings positivity in me and strives me to stay and keep my calm, helps me come out during my hardships.

Religion on the other hand, gives me a track to move on(but not gets us close to God in any case)and help me keep myself more organised. However, rituals does not do any good to me. I do it because my family wants me to do and I am sure that a crow can never do anything for me. In my good/difficult times, God has been a source to keep myself balanced. For me, it is more about faith in that supreme power. 
I go to temple to seek my answers, not with God but myself. 
More than religion, I believe in the theory of Karma – “you get served what you deserve” and that supreme energy helps me in resorting the right path !!

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