Critical Thinking Everywhere

I saw a Gujarati movie last week ‘Chal Man Jeetva Jaiye’, and it was a mesmerizing experience. It showcases a rich family stuck at a crossroad wherein their reputation, luxuries, and comfort are at stake because they had incurred the heavy loss. The young generation of the house helps the elders to critically think over the decision taken. They help them analyze the situation from all the perspective which leads to the realization of the blunder they were about to commit. Later the decision taken by them helps the family to live a respectful and happy life. It shows how we completely depend on system one and don’t analyze the situation cautiously when in stress. The decision-making process is beautifully captured and it is a must watch for those who struggle taking decisions at grave situations.

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  • Glad to know you are able to make connections with the learning we did in the workshop. I agree with you lot of time we rely on system 1 and don’t analyse things well before decision making.

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