Seven Habits & Love – FY 2023-24 (Group – Gamma)

Hey there, all seekers of effectiveness and enlightenment! I had a good time sharing at “Seven Habits & Love – FY 2023-24 (Group – Gamma)” at Fountainhead School.


Let me take you on a ride through the first phase of the Seven Habits & Love workshop. Visualize: Two helpful facilitators, a bunch of enthusiastic participants (and some are funny) and a promise of unlocking our inner strength.


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7 habits+ love (life class) – session 1 and 2

I would like to share my incredible experiences of 7 Habit+Love Class.” The sessions helped to start the journey of self-discovery. Learning about being proactive taught me that I have the power to choose my responses to life’s challenges. I feel more in control, confident, and capable of facing any situation that comes my way. The time management aspect of the 7 Habits was an absolute game-changer for me. I learned to identify my priorities, set clear goals, and manage my time effectively. The Classes were a revelation for me, especially the segment on empathic listening. I realized that while I thought I was a good listener, I often found myself lost in my thoughts during conversations. Learning to listen with genuine empathy. I am now more patient and understanding, and I see how this simple change has made a positive impact on my interactions. The sessions allowed me to explore the concept of self-love and self-care in a profound way. I understood the importance of nurturing myself, mentally, emotionally, and physically.  The classes helped to embrace personal growth, and cultivate love and empathy towards ourselves and others. we are incredibly grateful to have been a part of this empowering experience.

Critical Thinking – ETA : ” A deep thought for any thought”

“Thinking in depth with valid and logical reasoning” is what critical thinking is about.

Fountainhead always takes care of the personal & professional development of their employees. Bhargavi Ma’am & Bhumit Sir as our facilitators for critical thinking gave us really good topics and keywords to have a lot of discussion on the first day of our life class. We got to learn about how actually critical thinking plays a major role in our lives. The questions asked by them as to how, when, where, why and what critical thinking is, the answers were within us only, we just did not know to apply them.

Now since that we have the basic & generalized knowledge about it, we can start thinking and taking decisions though critical thinking. Having group discussions is a plus point in these life classes because we get to know many other perspectives and opinions which might not happen to come in our minds.

Secondly the movie which we saw the other day “Oppenheimer” was a great movie and it truly had a lot of critical thinking involved in it. After doing life classes the movies which we watch makes a lot of sense as we see it from a different perspective. This movie showed how certain times we are bound to take decisions in pressure despite of our own self denying to take those decisions. Here the actor J. Robert Oppenheimer was very passionate about his work and when he found a path shown by his professors to turn his theories into implementing it practically by making a nuclear bomb, he achieved what he always imagined and dreamt of but knowing the consequences he was devastated internally by the thought of it. But since it was for his country he could not put a foot backward, as his superiors didn’t allow him to. Moral ethics of the actor was clearly shown in the movie, but certain times despite of critically thinking about the situation he could not do justice with his moral ethics. The movie had a lot of political & government involvement in the making of the nuclear bomb.

Also when it comes to duty towards country and law, one has to go with the duty ethics. The movie was worth a watch and made us also think how thinking critically is applied when taking any kinds of important decisions of life.

Critical Thinking _ Eta

Critical Thinking life class for the first two days was extremely helpful in knowing about the what, when, why, how, where, and who of the involved subjects. We require Critical Thinking in all walks of life for better decision-making and living a life with less of barriers. The facilitators in the class were helpful and gave extended knowledge on the topic by taking real-life examples. Though personally, I am a critical thinker, light was thrown on various dimensions like politics, media, ethics, and moral character from different perspectives. There was a debate kind of on topics such as Astrology, Vastu Shashtra, and politics. Day two started with the movie Oppenheimer. Being the movie based on scientific invention, it was more of critical thinking on ethics versus the value of knowledge, politics, duty biases, decision making, and student-teacher approach to the field of education that we are in. Both days were enjoyable along with tons of perspectives.

A few habits to increase your efficacy and efficiency:

After asking people about “life classes” and seeing their reactions,(most were bad, ) I was a little shocked of they actually went, and had a paradigm shift.

 For the first few hours, all I was thinking is” why are we just doing Masti and goofing out ” ? But it was the feciltators’ activities and engagements that were so incredible,funny and appealing. We shared our emotions,feelings and stories; some were sad while others were hilarious. All in all we had a good time.

We learned about the 1st3 habits namely:

1. Be proactive

2. Begin with the end in mind

3. Put first things first


So, the 1st day we learned about paradigm shifts and how putting yourself in people’s shoes was so beneficial and how eye opening that was for me , I also saw  how various things affects your choices, their types; which of them you should or should not listen to (circle of influence/concern, inside out approach and outside/in)

Furthermore, we learned about a few things that we can control and those we can’t control.

Ex: time , past future (which we can’t) and those like exercise, habits (those that we can)

Throughout the session I was constantly reminded of the quote:

“Where there is a will there is a way”


The 2nd habit reminded me with about the math, language and uoi backward planning sheet. I’m sure it was influenced by MrCovey.

It also reminds us of our purpose of why are we doing what  are and how are we accomplishing(the plan) To reach our destination .

The 3rd habit focuses on prioratizing on  what is important and urgent, important but not urgent, urgent but not important and the unnecessary (phaltu) things in life.

That’s all I could recall otherwise,the time I spent was mostly fun( because I hate to dance) and the engagements were very creative and fun.


I didn’t think I’d say this but I’ll be waiting for the next round.



Unleash your potential to think critically!

Thinking Critically?? Yes, I can, you can, we all can. This skill is just there, we just have to practice!
On day 1 of the critical thinking workshop we uncovered the superpowers of analysis: the 5 ‘W’s and 1 ‘H’! As Bhargavi madam and Bhumit Sir guided us on this thrilling journey, we were poised to soar through intellectual horizons.
We watched thought provoking short animated video that made our brains buzz with new perspectives! It was an exhilarating challenge, unleashing the metacognitive and dialectical thinkers within us. Together, we questioned, debated, and grew!
Diving further, we were posed with various topics. Our thoughts were unleashed, assumptions challenged, and our critical thinking muscles grew stronger!
Skepticism, gullibility and pseudoscience were new concepts for me. Of all the discussions, system thinking was my take away from this session which made me analyse on my thinking. Looking forward to think more and listen more!

Critical Thinking

Question. Important to question something, someone, our beliefs, values, and existence. To know and decide what’s right, wrong or be neutral about it.

Knowing our thinking system is a way to to know about ourselves and the way we operate. It’s thinking about our own thinking.

Let’s keep exploring ourselves!!

Critical thinking Kappa

This was the first two days of life class year 2023-24. I truly enjoyed the session conducted by Aman sir and Tabassum ma’am, they were very interactive during the session, using simple language and giving real life examples so that it was easy to understand the content they are delivering. 1st day was all about ice breaking and understanding the critical thinking why it’s required? When to use it? How it works (system 1 and system 2). Day two we went to see movie “Oppenheimer” it was worth watching and Cristopher Nolan has always set standards high. It was about the life journey of the father of atom bomb. We discussed the movie in group and it was worth it.


Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking questioning, analyzing, interpreting and evaluating a situtaion/ idea to make reasonablt judgements. Using critical thinking, in other words, allows individuals to engage with ideas, consider different perspectives, and arrive at reasonable conclusions. Everyone in their life will require critical thinking mostly when higher stakes are involved.

Exploring System 1 and System 2 thinking and how our reflexion and reflective brain works helped me understand that System 1 is fast, intuitive and emotional, while System 2 is slower, more deliberative and logical.

Critical Thinking_Kappa group

Critical thinking skills refer to the ability to analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information in a thoughtful, systematic, and logical manner. It involves actively and objectively processing information, questioning assumptions, and considering various perspectives before arriving at a well-reasoned conclusion or decision.
Thinking System 1 and System 2 really help us to understand engage in self-awareness, reflecting on their own biases, assumptions, and limitations. This self-awareness helps us improve their thinking process and make better decisions.
Thank you.

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