Critical Thinking – ETA : ” A deep thought for any thought”

“Thinking in depth with valid and logical reasoning” is what critical thinking is about.

Fountainhead always takes care of the personal & professional development of their employees. Bhargavi Ma’am & Bhumit Sir as our facilitators for critical thinking gave us really good topics and keywords to have a lot of discussion on the first day of our life class. We got to learn about how actually critical thinking plays a major role in our lives. The questions asked by them as to how, when, where, why and what critical thinking is, the answers were within us only, we just did not know to apply them.

Now since that we have the basic & generalized knowledge about it, we can start thinking and taking decisions though critical thinking. Having group discussions is a plus point in these life classes because we get to know many other perspectives and opinions which might not happen to come in our minds.

Secondly the movie which we saw the other day “Oppenheimer” was a great movie and it truly had a lot of critical thinking involved in it. After doing life classes the movies which we watch makes a lot of sense as we see it from a different perspective. This movie showed how certain times we are bound to take decisions in pressure despite of our own self denying to take those decisions. Here the actor J. Robert Oppenheimer was very passionate about his work and when he found a path shown by his professors to turn his theories into implementing it practically by making a nuclear bomb, he achieved what he always imagined and dreamt of but knowing the consequences he was devastated internally by the thought of it. But since it was for his country he could not put a foot backward, as his superiors didn’t allow him to. Moral ethics of the actor was clearly shown in the movie, but certain times despite of critically thinking about the situation he could not do justice with his moral ethics. The movie had a lot of political & government involvement in the making of the nuclear bomb.

Also when it comes to duty towards country and law, one has to go with the duty ethics. The movie was worth a watch and made us also think how thinking critically is applied when taking any kinds of important decisions of life.



    “सभी उत्तरों की अपेक्षा कुछ प्रश्नों को जानना बेहतर है।”

    I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for conducting the critical thinking workshop. The insights I gained on day one about the significance of critical thinking in our lives were truly eye-opening. Learning how to question “how, when, where, why, and what” has empowered me to approach challenges more thoughtfully.

    The movie “Oppenheimer” that we watched together on the second day was a fantastic choice. It exemplified the application of critical thinking in a real-world context, and I found it both engaging and enlightening.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise, and for guiding me through this valuable learning experience. I can already see how critical thinking will positively impact both my personal and professional life.

    Looking forward to continuing our journey of growth and learning.


    Totally agree, The session was truly informative, and the thought-provoking questions asked by the facilitators sparked my curiosity to explore further about critical thinking and its practical applications in our daily lives. Moreover, the movies effectively demonstrated how to critically analyse situations and make decisions based on our priorities.


    Indeed, the session was insightful and made us all think in a direction we might not have considered otherwise.

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