Unleash your potential to think critically!

Thinking Critically?? Yes, I can, you can, we all can. This skill is just there, we just have to practice!
On day 1 of the critical thinking workshop we uncovered the superpowers of analysis: the 5 ‘W’s and 1 ‘H’! As Bhargavi madam and Bhumit Sir guided us on this thrilling journey, we were poised to soar through intellectual horizons.
We watched thought provoking short animated video that made our brains buzz with new perspectives! It was an exhilarating challenge, unleashing the metacognitive and dialectical thinkers within us. Together, we questioned, debated, and grew!
Diving further, we were posed with various topics. Our thoughts were unleashed, assumptions challenged, and our critical thinking muscles grew stronger!
Skepticism, gullibility and pseudoscience were new concepts for me. Of all the discussions, system thinking was my take away from this session which made me analyse on my thinking. Looking forward to think more and listen more!


  • yasmin.shaikh@fountainheadschools.org

    Aptly stated , we indeed came across few terminologies that enhance our knowledge and understanding of the idea behind critical thinking. It changes our thinking pattern and does help us to look and inquire what is beyond the obvious.

  • pallavi.kuba@fountainheadschools.org

    Correct mentioned that we all have the said skill, it is now time to acknowledge it and start putting it to practice consciously.

  • Harshita Nankani

    Agreed to the point that there are some sciences that are pseudosciences but the perspectives are totally different.

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