Emotional Intelligence

So far, It was a wonderful experience being a part of the emotional intelligence life class.

Right from learning about six basic emotions, to how our brain gets attacked by Amygdala. From self-awareness to self-regulation. Everything was so interesting and meaningful.

The best part was sharing done by the facilitators and the guided meditation. It gave me the time to reflect on myself. I learnt that it is ok to feel all emotions but how to regulate and respond in different situations matters.

I am a highly emotional person and I hopefully wish to take the learning to my life

Emotional Intelligence

Self awareness, Self regulation and Motivation goes step by step. We also got a good understanding about Pleasure/Passion/Purpose how they are interrelated. How self control on our emotions is important and how to take a pause instead of reacting. It is important to understand when to take a flight and fight mode. Also how to manage skills and challenge, How challenge gives us a purpose. How to manage amygdala hijack?It is important to have emotional intelligence for ones own piece of mind and to have a better world.

Sab emotions ka khel he 🤟🏻

Self assessment and self regulations are important for humans. If you are aware of how you feel and how to respond at different times, your life will be free from amygdala hijack. Mindfulness is something that has to be practiced at all times and intrinsic motivation is always required to keep moving forward positively. We might have our own triggers but how not to let it rule is on us. We can use little breaks and pauses to think and respond rather than reacting. It is all about fight to flight mode.

Emotional intelligence

-It is very common to go on auto pilot mode often.
-Practicing mindfulness helps in striking that emotional balance. Makes you more aware of respoding rather than reacting in any given situation.
-Pleasure, passion, purpose are the three types of happiness and each one of it has its own meaning and purpose.
-Autonomy keeps one motivated to move ahead and achieve the targated goal.

CT – The way to think

I really liked the concept mapping activity. Through this activity, I understood how CT works. I got to know about System-1 and System-2 thinking and I am able to connect how these systems and we respond to situations The debate helped me understand the difference between facts, opinions, beliefs, and truths (justified true beliefs). I also learn that before making any judgment we need to go in-depth and understand things from a different perspective and also look for the data and reality.

Reflection- Critical thinking

Critical thinking gives the opportunity to think upon thinking, and that rethinking process helps identify what kind of thinking we do, system 1 or system 2.

As I am closely working with an event “Kalakriti”, it’s giving me a series of experiences in this kind of situation where I am analyzing the situations and able to connect where  I am thinking instantly and need to take pause. And I even thought of understanding the situation. So complete process of thinking critically shifted me from system 1 to system 2.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking provides opportunity not to evaluate any situation but to evaluate it  critically. For evaluating critically it was told how generally we use System 1 thinking instantly without any pause, which is based on perception rather than facts. Wherein System 2 help to understand about the situation deeper. Sessions shifted the paradigm of following blindly what others say to think critically and have our own clear perspective.

FA(KE) OR FA(CT) – Critical Thinking !!!

Anaïs Nin: “When we blindly adopt a religion, a political system, a literary dogma, we become automatons. We cease to grow.”

To begin with, it was an amazing experience to know about different types of biases. Now coming across the situations, I can easily relate how our thinking is affected by these biases. The sessions held till now has given much clarity on what is it to think critically and how it affects our decision-making.

The sessions also taught us to value the opinions of different people. These small things gives us the opportunity to introspect our own thinking and respect others perspective though if you choose to go ahead with your own beliefs and trust.

Overall it was an enriching experience to learn from experienced facilitators and looking forward to seeing myself as a critical thinker in upcoming sessions.

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