Zindagi – tujhse pyaar ho gaya

A big thank you to FS for providing me the opportunity to attend love classes, understand that ”Love is an action”. It has helped me to make an investment for life by nurturing my own growth and also of people whom I love. I have started valuing myself and also realised the misconceptions about love. Love requires thoughtful and painful decision making and now I have a set of tools to solve problems which come my way. I have started looking at my family members with a different eye. It also helped to know what good parenting is.

Now I believe that I cannot solve life’s problems except by solving them.

The more clearly we see the reality of the world, the better equipped we are to deal with the world.

Love the Life you Live!

Love the life you live. Live the life you love.- Bob Marley.

I appreciate the initiative of FS, wherein the School is not just concerned about the work we do but also about the life we live! And breaking or changing the myths/paradigms for our amelioration!

I always look forward to such sessions where I can be myself and need not to be perturbed how I might be perceived. The “Epsilon Family” now is close to my heart and I look forward to meet them as to some of them, I just happen to meet during these days of Life Classes where we share our similarities and celebrate our differences 🙂

Though I do not completely agree to the idea of love of  M Scott Peck, I particularly like this quote of him: It is only( if I might say mainly) because of problems that we grow mentally and spiritually.

The most interesting part of Love Class for me was Forgiveness & Parenting.

Open your hands, if you want to be held.- Rumi

Though I thought I knew what forgiveness was all about, I realized and could practice it more perhaps (after the efforts of my facilitators- Falguni maám & Hasina maám and my other lovely colleagues)  of freeing oneself through forgiveness as someone rightly said:





Also the session on Parenting at certain point of times gave an altogether a new insight and I could overcome certain assumptions/ paradigms on Parenting. At times, it is lot more easier to treat a child as an individual in professional life but way back home, certain things are taken for granted and now I do make a cautious choice of respecting the child’s individuality at home too!


“Reflection of Love class from a couple”

We attended the “life class” together and learnt how to tackle the different situations of life with the 7 habits. The things which we even did not realize or notice in our fast moving life, we could introspect during the “life class” sessions and could work on it.  But when we heard ‘love class” we are going to join next, we had a different impression in our mind. We thought it would be based on the “love” that we generally mean and since we joined the class as a  couple so we thought it would be based on the issues of marital life, or between people in relation. So we were not sure if as a couple we are not having major issues then how could this love class be appropriate or fruitful for us. But then once the sessions started we understood that “love class” incorporates the broader meaning of love, the enrichment of one’s  spiritual soul, to extend oneself for a spiritual growth. We understood the relation in most cases deals with romantic feelings (as we encounter in movies or songs) but “real love” is more of action along with feelings.As a couple we realized how actions are equally important to show our feelings towards our dear ones.If we had any misunderstanding we basically ignored to avoid unnecessary clashes or didn’t want to discuss over it due to our ego boundaries but after attending love class we learnt how important is confrontation which really helps to resolve the misunderstanding.Not only in our marital relationship we implemented it in each and every relationship in our life.Love class helped us to live more disciplined life to give an ideal image to our next generation.At the end of this Love class session we would like to thank our facilitators for guiding us so well.And we also appreciate the school management for conducting such sessions which helps us grow in our personal and professional life.


Abheek Chakraborty and Jayeeta Chakraborty

Love class.. A journey of sharing and learning!!

We all play a number of roles in our lives… have different relationships with different people. Life is  no less than a roller coaster ride, full of different emotions and feelings which are exciting, thrilling, enchanting. We already have gone through different experiences which has made us what we are today. Sharing all that here and learning and building on to that has enriched us as individuals. I have learned from all the experiences shared during the class and examples discussed. It has given me an insight on my life and understanding. I have learned to forgive, to let go all illegitimate pains of life which is not helping me to grow.

I am going to take back all the learning which is going to help me on every stage of life be it a mother, a wife, sister, daughter in law… I would thank the facilitators (Shehla Ma’am and Ravindra Sir) for helping throughout this journey.

Leading Life through Love

“Life is difficult. This is a great truth, one of the greatest truths. It is a great truth because once we truly see this truth, we transcend it. Once we truly know that life is difficult–once we truly understand and accept it–then life is no longer difficult. Because once it is accepted, the fact that life is difficult no longer matters.”


These opening lines of the book ‘The Road Less Travelled’ gives the essence of life. On the very first day of our Love class I accepted the bitter truth that life is difficult and then there was no looking back. I have grown strong as a person while issues, work load, conflicts, misunderstandings etc they don’t bother me anymore. It is very certain that these issues will prevail until I die, but I am eqquipped with the knowledge to tackle these undesired situations.

The difference between legitimate and illegitimate pain was an eye opener and thats when I started growing as a person. The love definition helped me understand that growing spiritually along with the loved ones is love rather than…

Love class was an amazing journey, from the definition of love to parenting. Love classes has helped me break free from various paradigms and pre concevied notions. I am really happy that I was helped and healed by Ravindra Sir and Shehla ma’am during the course of Love class.

I’m Sorry Par Tumse Pyaar Ho Gaya

‘Pyar Ho gaya‘… Seriously! I have had a love marriage. Our love class facilitators told us that there is nothing like falling in love. I just wondered what was I thinking in my college days. Why didn’t anybody change my paradigm? In fact, it was just that I fell in love with this girl and got married to her.

Meaning, after attending love class I realized the beginning itself was wrong. An introspection was absolutely essential because the thing that was done couldn’t be undone. Like an ideal husband I was scared to confront my wife and make her understand what exactly I have known. But then during our sessions, we realized that it is not absolutely necessary to take back home whatever we discuss in class. It was confirmed that day, that God exists in some or the other form(here, Faguni and Hasina).

So what do we know, what have we learned?

Love is actually a verb. A verb is a word used to describe an action. Hence, Love is an action.

I am working hard to do those small actions to just add an adverb ‘true’.

Thank you all the participants and facilitators for giving such an insight into my life.


Mayur Patel


Love you Zindagi!

I learned about 7 habits of highly effective lifestyle last year. These classes are like new language in your life. It’s not like you have passed through the class and you have become a master of these habits. It takes conscious efforts of everyday action and reflection to imbibe this habits and furthermore learning.

The year 2016-17 brought ‘Love’ class and it opened the doors to many more insights. Some agreeable, some doubtful. Yes! Overall they definitely have become part of my life but as earlier mentioned, it needs conscious efforts and reflection to imbibe these learning in our life.

Also, many of the ideology, you are already following in your life but such classes reinforce your correct path of thinking and turn the picture from translucent to transparent. One such case is about “Value of Suffering.” As per the book, The Road Less Travelled by M. Scott Peck, we explored the understanding that “Pain must be felt (quote from my favourite book – Fault in our stars by John Green.” We have many problems in our life and that’s normal. It’s how you take your problems, that matters. My simple ideology was the more you resist something the more it becomes the burden. If something is on your way and you don’t really like it. It still matters to accept it, if you can’t change it. It’s easier said then done but then it’s not even impossible. Luckily, my life involved smaller pains (can’t even call them pains) like deadlines, tug of smilingly kicking wars with relatives, regular ‘dangals’ with hubby mine. There are times I would look at the matter deep. I would tell myself “This is how it is, Let go” and most issues would lighten. Relationships are rather strengthened because of acceptance of the differences which are mostly considered as problems or pain. I would say my daily life was definitely impacted by this conscious learning. Then, there is this legitimate pain. My only legitimate pain was when my father passed away and that was 28 years back. Man! I did not learn, then, about suffering and with years passing by it has become existing fact of our life. But really! Can any learning prepare you for life changing shocks and sorrows? Despite these sessions, I am not courageous for withdrawal of important people from my life. Sometimes I feel really burdened with the fear. I also understand this is “Sab Moh Maya Hai” But that’s all I can say!

I am in the eighth year of my marriage. There were times when I used to feel like I am on the road which is not going anywhere with my Amit. I used to feel like something is missing from our marriage. Oh my god! is it dying? my marriage? and with the law of attraction, our next session in love class was on marriage. I learned about 8 stages of marriage and more importantly, I learned about forgiveness which is part of the 7th stage of marriage. Asking for forgiveness and forgiving is so essential to even reduce the pain. I remember one essential thing that I asked, “Why is it important to let know a person? It’s you who has to think of forgiveness then why must other be involved?” I got the response, “to give away the baggage” and so true it is. As a human, especially the one tangled in “Sansaar’s moh maya” we would feel relieved when we have shared our feelings. I also understand my Amit through different light now. Of course, from my lens, I jump from one stage to the other now and then but it is helping me to sail my marriage with the enjoyment of moderate waves.

Next in line came parenting session. The session was more like a revision of workshop I attended based on the book “How to talk so kids will listen and listen so kids talk by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish” The sessions brought healthy debate and which in turn brought new learning. During the pain session, we also learned about delaying gratification. We keep saying delaying gratification is a key to success but how can it be done? Well! I got my answers here. I learned to discipline self and my child through this session. If Janya wants something. I would take a pause and tell him how about we have it after two days? or “I am going to get you the play clay that you so want, by my birthday.” As for me, I would say work hard now enjoy the fruits later. I am no saint either. So I do have my lapses but I surely am enjoying my little victories time and again.

I did not mention anything about love. Well! It’s still work in progress!

Love is in the FS :)

The very first question asked in love class was, “Life is easy or difficult?” and my answer was ‘yes, life is difficult’. Gradually I started believing  Life is easy but we makes it difficult. My understanding of life has changed over period of time with learning in 7 habits and love class.

Love, “The will to extend one’s self for the purpose of nurturing one’s own or another’s spiritual growth.” truly said. Love is attentive, courageous, and willing to risk loss, independence, commitment, and confrontation. Psychotherapy itself is loving, just as love is psycho-therapeutic. There just a myth of ‘Romantic love’. Three most important learning for me is ‘Forgiveness’, ‘Building relationships’ and ‘Parenting’.  Forgiveness helped to move on and made me realize why to carry the pain and suffering along with us. Parenting session was my favorite one I learn to listen the every small talks of children in my class and always try understand them.

In short encourage your self by this words ‘Wow me..!!’ and never ‘Why me?’.


Integrity…..A Journey to have bit understanding about life

When Integrity Class started I had a perceptive that something very different would happen in the class though things were looking simple. However, the discussions in our class had a deep impact in my life and my thoughts.The most important part that I missed in my daily routine was listening and I was able to realize it after this class that how much it matters in someone’s life. I heard about some experiences that made me realize that some issues I thought was only in my life, but I was able to connect with them.How important is it to come up with your fear and what changes it brings in your life was experienced by me in this class only.Our facilitators were really helpful who enabled me to come up with my fear and even my colleagues.I feel this led me to understand about my life a bit.


Manish Tiwari

A reflection on how love classes fashioned my thoughts

You taught me what love is,
You taught me what love is not,
You provoked me to ponder,
And nudged my reflection and thought.

You taught me that,

Love is a teacher,
Love is a lesson,
Love is for everyone,
with no dearth of passion.

You gave a definition to what I earlier thought was love,
This gave me a new dimension, a new vantage point,
Now, I reflect on the life I have lived, above the war of hearts,
I always searched for a dove.

You taught me that,

Love is unconditional,
You never lie in love,
You never speak false,
Oh, you never withhold the truth.

It’s the time to extend me sincere thanks and gratitude,
For you have taught me love lessons of humongous magnitude.

– Harshini Patel

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