A reflection on how love classes fashioned my thoughts

You taught me what love is,
You taught me what love is not,
You provoked me to ponder,
And nudged my reflection and thought.

You taught me that,

Love is a teacher,
Love is a lesson,
Love is for everyone,
with no dearth of passion.

You gave a definition to what I earlier thought was love,
This gave me a new dimension, a new vantage point,
Now, I reflect on the life I have lived, above the war of hearts,
I always searched for a dove.

You taught me that,

Love is unconditional,
You never lie in love,
You never speak false,
Oh, you never withhold the truth.

It’s the time to extend me sincere thanks and gratitude,
For you have taught me love lessons of humongous magnitude.

– Harshini Patel

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