“Reflection of Love class from a couple”

We attended the “life class” together and learnt how to tackle the different situations of life with the 7 habits. The things which we even did not realize or notice in our fast moving life, we could introspect during the “life class” sessions and could work on it.  But when we heard ‘love class” we are going to join next, we had a different impression in our mind. We thought it would be based on the “love” that we generally mean and since we joined the class as a  couple so we thought it would be based on the issues of marital life, or between people in relation. So we were not sure if as a couple we are not having major issues then how could this love class be appropriate or fruitful for us. But then once the sessions started we understood that “love class” incorporates the broader meaning of love, the enrichment of one’s  spiritual soul, to extend oneself for a spiritual growth. We understood the relation in most cases deals with romantic feelings (as we encounter in movies or songs) but “real love” is more of action along with feelings.As a couple we realized how actions are equally important to show our feelings towards our dear ones.If we had any misunderstanding we basically ignored to avoid unnecessary clashes or didn’t want to discuss over it due to our ego boundaries but after attending love class we learnt how important is confrontation which really helps to resolve the misunderstanding.Not only in our marital relationship we implemented it in each and every relationship in our life.Love class helped us to live more disciplined life to give an ideal image to our next generation.At the end of this Love class session we would like to thank our facilitators for guiding us so well.And we also appreciate the school management for conducting such sessions which helps us grow in our personal and professional life.


Abheek Chakraborty and Jayeeta Chakraborty

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