Love is in the FS :)

The very first question asked in love class was, “Life is easy or difficult?” and my answer was ‘yes, life is difficult’. Gradually I started believing  Life is easy but we makes it difficult. My understanding of life has changed over period of time with learning in 7 habits and love class.

Love, “The will to extend one’s self for the purpose of nurturing one’s own or another’s spiritual growth.” truly said. Love is attentive, courageous, and willing to risk loss, independence, commitment, and confrontation. Psychotherapy itself is loving, just as love is psycho-therapeutic. There just a myth of ‘Romantic love’. Three most important learning for me is ‘Forgiveness’, ‘Building relationships’ and ‘Parenting’.  Forgiveness helped to move on and made me realize why to carry the pain and suffering along with us. Parenting session was my favorite one I learn to listen the every small talks of children in my class and always try understand them.

In short encourage your self by this words ‘Wow me..!!’ and never ‘Why me?’.


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