I’m Sorry Par Tumse Pyaar Ho Gaya

‘Pyar Ho gaya‘… Seriously! I have had a love marriage. Our love class facilitators told us that there is nothing like falling in love. I just wondered what was I thinking in my college days. Why didn’t anybody change my paradigm? In fact, it was just that I fell in love with this girl and got married to her.

Meaning, after attending love class I realized the beginning itself was wrong. An introspection was absolutely essential because the thing that was done couldn’t be undone. Like an ideal husband I was scared to confront my wife and make her understand what exactly I have known. But then during our sessions, we realized that it is not absolutely necessary to take back home whatever we discuss in class. It was confirmed that day, that God exists in some or the other form(here, Faguni and Hasina).

So what do we know, what have we learned?

Love is actually a verb. A verb is a word used to describe an action. Hence, Love is an action.

I am working hard to do those small actions to just add an adverb ‘true’.

Thank you all the participants and facilitators for giving such an insight into my life.


Mayur Patel


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