Wanna go on a ride?

My first reaction when I heard about the life class as a participant was, “Oh No! Not any more sermons on how to lead my life! All my life this’s what I have been hearing- Sermons! Sermons by parents, friends and family on how I need to lead MY LIFE.”

But only a few hours into the life class resulted in tremendous upheaval, revolts and surrenders within me. I enjoyed all these moments to the fullest.

A train engine drives the compartments behind it. The compartment has no choice but to follow the track. I had led my life based on others thoughts and their perception about me. I decided to change that and took the front seat. Now the view is much clearer. I am in command of the car, the car being my life. Here, I follow the rules and regulation based on the principles rather than on what others feel about me. Whoa! I am in control.

Many a times, we build certain great walls (paradigms) to shield us or make us feel invincible. I realized that I need to climb and get on top to see the view. The climb is tough but once on top the view is breathtaking!

The words “DEATH EXERCISE” evoked the fear like watching horror movie all alone but I soon realized that it is more about life rather than death.

During my growing up years, I always wanted a time machine so as to control my time. Splitting 24 hrs into 4 quadrants and keeping myself in quadrant II took me to a new dimension of time as in a time machine. It taught me to be on time and every time to live in the present.

Many would say that the life’s a roller coaster ride. Well! I do not agree with that, all the ups and downs can be managed into a smooth ride if one is in total control.

Well today, as a facilitator I hope along with me, the participants would also experience this breathtaking ride.

Happy riding!

Life is difficult…

After attending the life classes, the most prominent change which I find in me is “The way I look at things now”. Initially, when I attended the life classes the only question in my mind was “How will the sharing done by others help me??”. Gradually, I started listening to others’ problems and how creatively they find the solutions for the same which made me more empathetic. Later, I realized that everyone has to face some or the other challenge in their life but the intensity and the way we respond to it varies. The principle “Bring life to the workshop and workshop to the life” worked miracles for me. I became more observant and even had many paradigm shifts. I have learnt to leave illegitimate pains which made my life easier and took a closer look at the legitimate ones with the thought “Those things that hurt, instruct”.

I am on the path to be self-disciplined by teaching myself to do the unnatural and transform my very own nature. It is extremely difficult, but life classes have taught me not to give up. I thank Zahabiah and Falguni ma’am for being my life class facilitators. Thank you Vardan sir for believing in me and developing the ‘YOU CAN’ attitude in me. I truly appreciate and value everything I have learnt from you.

I want to express my deepest gratitude to Parag bhai. You have been an excellent friend, teacher, mentor and a great inspiration for me. A true master !!

To conclude, I would say that life classes have a lot of things to teach and they are truly worth taking back to your life.

Life is difficult but NOT ALWAYS…!

“Another mile stone”

“In learning you will teach and in teaching you will learn”

Well said quote by Phil Collins which I fully agree


When  I got this opportunity to share my learning with others, I was very excited. But  it was a challenging task to prepare for the class. I worked hard and had to be on my toes all the time as I was responsible in the transformation of so many lives. Being a mentor, helped me to boost my confidence. It gives immense pleasure to see the participants sharing their reflection and imbibing the learning in their life. Practicing 7 habits has helped me personally in my life to become a responsible and an empathetic listener and am sure it will help others to live a better life. It would be an achievement for me as a facilitator if I could help the participant in the smallest way to enlighten their life.

It was not easy for the support staff to share their struggling life with the other participants but slowly seeing the facilitators and other participants sharing, they were able to trust in us to share their areas of concerns.It was a very different experience preparing and facilitating the  support staff for the 7 habits.

I would like to use  this forum to thank my facilitator and co facilitators to upgrade me well enough to take up this challenging task of transforming people’s lives.




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