Wanna go on a ride?

My first reaction when I heard about the life class as a participant was, “Oh No! Not any more sermons on how to lead my life! All my life this’s what I have been hearing- Sermons! Sermons by parents, friends and family on how I need to lead MY LIFE.”

But only a few hours into the life class resulted in tremendous upheaval, revolts and surrenders within me. I enjoyed all these moments to the fullest.

A train engine drives the compartments behind it. The compartment has no choice but to follow the track. I had led my life based on others thoughts and their perception about me. I decided to change that and took the front seat. Now the view is much clearer. I am in command of the car, the car being my life. Here, I follow the rules and regulation based on the principles rather than on what others feel about me. Whoa! I am in control.

Many a times, we build certain great walls (paradigms) to shield us or make us feel invincible. I realized that I need to climb and get on top to see the view. The climb is tough but once on top the view is breathtaking!

The words “DEATH EXERCISE” evoked the fear like watching horror movie all alone but I soon realized that it is more about life rather than death.

During my growing up years, I always wanted a time machine so as to control my time. Splitting 24 hrs into 4 quadrants and keeping myself in quadrant II took me to a new dimension of time as in a time machine. It taught me to be on time and every time to live in the present.

Many would say that the life’s a roller coaster ride. Well! I do not agree with that, all the ups and downs can be managed into a smooth ride if one is in total control.

Well today, as a facilitator I hope along with me, the participants would also experience this breathtaking ride.

Happy riding!


  • On 4th May 2015 when I was informed by Vardan sir that I have to facilitate 7 habits workshop for academic year 2015-16, I felt every thing stopped and my mind went into flash back…June 2012 first time when I attended the 7 habits workshop. Journey from that day till today was a treasure hunt.
    Learning the principles and applying the same in life have helped me make a drastic change in my thoughts as well as my life. I learned a lot and am learning still while facilitating.
    I would like to say only one thing to all that once you start bringing workshop to life you will sure change your life.

  • ज़िंदगी क्या है – जानने के लिए
    ज़िंदा रहना बहुत ज़रूरी है ,
    आज तक कोई भी रहा तो नहीं। … सम्पूरन सिंह “गुलज़ार”

    I enjoy life classes’ each session as much as I enjoy myself being myself ! Knowing at least a score of people living their own terms is altogether a great experience in itself. Viewing different perspectives of life with one’s own eyes and changing the view point or the direction of view finder is again something that cushions the thought process and the journey of life …

    सोचता हूँ कि आज में जी लूँ अपनी गुज़रती ज़िन्दगी को ,
    वैसे भी कल क्या होगा मुझे – यह कभी सोचा न था !

  • Very well expressed..Preeti ma’am….Let’s enjoy the joyful ride..that’s life!!!

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