“Another mile stone”

“In learning you will teach and in teaching you will learn”

Well said quote by Phil Collins which I fully agree


When  I got this opportunity to share my learning with others, I was very excited. But  it was a challenging task to prepare for the class. I worked hard and had to be on my toes all the time as I was responsible in the transformation of so many lives. Being a mentor, helped me to boost my confidence. It gives immense pleasure to see the participants sharing their reflection and imbibing the learning in their life. Practicing 7 habits has helped me personally in my life to become a responsible and an empathetic listener and am sure it will help others to live a better life. It would be an achievement for me as a facilitator if I could help the participant in the smallest way to enlighten their life.

It was not easy for the support staff to share their struggling life with the other participants but slowly seeing the facilitators and other participants sharing, they were able to trust in us to share their areas of concerns.It was a very different experience preparing and facilitating the  support staff for the 7 habits.

I would like to use  this forum to thank my facilitator and co facilitators to upgrade me well enough to take up this challenging task of transforming people’s lives.




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