Critical Thinking Reflection

The session was taken by shezin mam and bargavi mam,

first of all the session was full of content and entertaining and lots of fruitful discussion

All the content deliver in complete in detail and facilitator are so relax and clam they are not hurry to just finish the portion, Also they listen each member very carefully and respond in kind manner

In that session we discuss about how the system 1 and system 2 responding in different situation as well as we discuss about understand the different bias:-confirmation bias basically when you like something and second is cognitive bias:based on information.

I think the session is very useful while its comes with students and also it is very important.

Emotional Intelligence

Finally, I am able to connect the dots. Understanding why one needs emotional intelligence and how does the brain function was insightful. I could see where I stand in terms of EI and which is the domain I need to work upon. The various techniques/ strategies shared by Ritu and Pinky Madam deemed to be helpful.
The initial 2 sessions were all about identifying the purpose of EI and today we discussed upon purpose of life, my IKIGAI.
Session by Vardan Sir helped me introspect upon the 3 P’s of happiness viz., pleasure, passion and purpose. I could narrow down my thought process and figure out few strategies which, if practiced, might help me in becoming emotionally intelligent. The participants and sessions are interactive. Both the facilitators ensure that they bridge the gap in understanding before moving ahead. Looking forward to learn other techniques to equip myself and be ready to face challenges in this VUCA world.

Emotional Intelligence and uddeshya

Enlightening, empowering and beneficial would be the apt words to use for the 3 sessions we have had for emotional intelligence. Needless to say, our proficient facilitators (Nandini ma’am and Evelyn ma’am) were the cherry on the cake. The smooth transition in understanding the purpose of emotional awareness was perfect. I understood the various strategies to manage my anger, which I feel is my main struggle. SBNRR (Stop, Breathe, Notice, Reflect and Respond) strategy was excellent, well, will try to implement it whenever possible.

Also, understanding that happiness is categorized made sense. Analysing Pleasure, Passion and Purpose was insightful through the guest speaker session (taken up by Vardan sir.)

I did analyze, whatever we have been doing in life classes until now, the application is done in emotional intelligence, and I am able to connect the dots very well, though I may not be vocal about it.

In the end, I must say, the purpose of understanding one’s purpose was purposeful.

CT – The Way Of Thinking

I really liked the concept mapping activity. Through this activity, I understood how CT works. I got to know about System-1 and System-2 thinking and I am able to connect how because of these systems and we respond to situations. The debate helped me understand the difference between facts, opinions, beliefs, and truths. I also learn that before making any judgment we need to go in-depth and understand things from a different perspective and also look for the data and reality.

Emotional Intelligence

Life classes have always helped me widen my horizons. This life class have helped me get acquainted with innumerable terminologies. It has also helped me widen my horizons.

These classes surely serve as stress busters. Amygdala hijack, ikigai quadrnats, intrinsic motivation, Siberian North rail road and many more conceptual and meaningful discussions have helped me grow personally as an optimistic personality with a pragmatic approach.

Real life experiences shared by other group members have helped me become open minded. these classes are surely rejuvenating and serve as a stress buster. Looking forward to more sessions that will help me unleash my potential and maximize my productivity in my personal as well as professional life



Emotional Intelligence- Explore yourself

It is important to be aware about your own emotions and the ways to express them knowing the facts that emotions are temporary and we can change them that will result in change in approach to the situations that trigger us, to make ourselves and people around us safe mentally and physically.

This helps in personal growth, improve personal and professional relationship we have. We need to be mindful which is a state that is between the stimulus and response. To attend it, we need to develop the skill called emotional intelligence. We all often fail to be in this state of being reactive to the stimulus and stay in that state of emotions that is called Amygdala hijack. There are three domains of emotional intelligence- Self awareness, self regulations and intrinsic motivation.

We do all of this for the ultimate goal being happy. There are three kinds of happiness- pleasure, passion and purpose. If you find a purpose, you can envision and anticipate the results. In order to get desired result, you challenge yourself knowing more and developing more skills and you develop interest in what you are doing. When we achieve the desired result ,we are motivated for bigger goals for ourselves, community and more.

Emosons ka achaar dalna sikhiyeee

These life class days gives a wonderful opportunity for most of the people to talk their heart out.. It is a joyful sight to see people so proactive in sharing their personal thoughts and feelings in a comfortable space. The emotional intelligence classes are filled with buzzwords like self awareness, auto pilot mode, flow, instant and delayed gratification, self motivation, fight and flight mode and so on.. The open ended discussions, informative videos and guest sessions by real life achiever are insightful and paradigm shifting.
All in all, emotions ko align kijiye passion and purpose ke saath aur Jeevan ko badalte hue khud hi Anubhav kijiye 😀

Emotional intelligence- Reflection

Just like all other life classes, I was both excited and inhibited. But history repeats itself and I had a lot of takeaways from each and every session.
The concept which stuck with me the most was the Amygdala hijack which I am much more aware of now. The autopilot mode is more evident now and I try to be in the present moment. The universal emotions in this VUCA world affects us not only mentally but also physically as there are numerous changes in our body while experiencing these emotions.
We understood strategies to be self-aware and then self-regulate ourselves. The guided meditation conducted by Evelyn ma’am helped a lot in introspecting our emotions and feel lighter. Journaling and discussions gave better clarity about how we can self-regulate our feelings.
The session by Vardan sir gave more insights about pleasure, passion and purpose. In addition to this through videos, we understood our purpose and ikigai.
Overall, looking forward to becoming a better emotionally intelligent person in the future.

Emotions! Emotions!

Emotions are strong feelings, it’s the way people express themselves in different situations. We tend to get swayed away by our emotions if we don’t learn how to control them. A person who responds with feelings and takes out strategies to resolve them is emotionally strong. This is one of the major struggles where emotions are not regulated constructively even though it has been registered. Hence it is important to be emotionally intelligent! Learning to manage our emotions may help us in various ways including releasing our stress, being a good communicator, understanding other’s emotions and being more empathetic. The challenges that we face may be reduced if we respond and do not react showcasing our emotional intelligence.

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