Integrity Theta

3rd session of Integrity was amazing where we got to know how battling our pains/challenges makes us powerful. Adding to this wonderful experience, Listening participants stories and experiences helped me to understand how people perceive problems and deals with them with responsibility.

Integrity – Theta

Never thought I would be opening up about my life in front of others but this session on Pain to Power made me realise my fears and also helped me unfold my pain. The movie shown was hard hitting and brought back memories which I had intended to forget. However ignoring your pain is not the solution. The solution is to accept the pain the work on it to turn it into power. By writing down my journey I was able to realise my vulnerability and how it has held me back. Definitely the session was fruitful and it has given me something to work upon. I am confident and positive that by next session I would have moved a notch higher towards my journey to power.


It was good session about how to identify the pain and build a strategy to make it work and overcome it,  The graph of pain to power helped us to identify where are we standing and how to further work on our pain and gain the power. The movie was very much relevant and helped us make connections.

7 habits_Gamma_Reflection

I would definitely start with some assertion that it indeed was a life class. Having no idea what and how it was going to be, we all went to school with some excitement and wonder. Only a few faces was I familiar with and ended up being a good friend of most of them.

Reading ‘Seven habits of highly proactive people’ was a part of our training module but, as we know, at FS we believe in practical and experiential learning. This life class on seven habits, which was facilitated by Roma ma’am and Bhagyashree ma’am, provided us the actual experiential learning of the book. A huge thanks to them.

Gamma group was an amalgamation of variety of people, all belonging to different places, background and history. All of us made the air of the room convivial and shared our life experiences and views on certain things without having the fear of being judged. This life class made us realize some of the important things in our life such as some habits, what exactly learning means and how and when paradigm shift happens.

It was not only about learning from the facilitators and the presentation but also about leaning and getting motivated from the life experiences of other group members. As humans we all are surviving on this planet by facing the problems and knocking down obstacles bravely. Its intensity may differ from person to person but, through this life class I could made myself realize that in one way or the other we all are on the same page.

It indeed was a great learning experience and I am looking forward to learn more in the upcoming sessions.

The New One Minute Manager

Simple and classic book. Easy to understand and so relatable. It was worth the time to read this book and have a good discussion over the same. A lot of ideas discussed in this short book are very easy to replicate in our work culture too. Many things mentioned in the book are followed by me and some of the leaders I work with and it has indeed made difference in team spirit too.

One other good part of the book is the way it is narrated in form of a story makes it interesting and fun to read. It was not a regular preachy self-help book and that was one major plus point for me.

7 Habits – Reflection

I had a wonderful experience with life class on 7 Habits.

I would also like to thank Roma ma’am and Bhagyasgree ma’am for being amazing facilitators. 

I learned how and when to prioritize ourselves and our work. Also how to achieve mental and emotional balance despite this hectic life. Few life skills that we should learn are to be a good listener and understand first to be understood.

Art therapy 23rd n 24 Th July’2021 Learning

“कला जीवन का रस है |”

-अमृृतलाल नागर

अमृतलाल जी ने बहुत ही सुंदर विवरण किया है कला के बारे में |

कला चिकित्सा मतलब Art therapy |
हमारा जीवन अनेक भावों से भरा है | दिन में कितने भाव आते और जाते हैं | इन भावनाओं का नकारात्मक एवं सकारात्मक परिणाम हमारे मस्तिष्क और देह पर होता हैं | 

कला हो तो इंसान कभी अकेला नहीं रहता | इन रंगों का असर हमारे जीवन में सदैव रहता हैं और रहेगा भी |


मैंने कला चिकित्सा ( Art therapy) में यह सीखा की बहुत सारी मनोवैज्ञानिक व्याधिओं में कला सफल औषधि बन गई है | 

बस कला आपकी खुद की रचना होनी आवश्यक है |

मंडला कला (Mandala art ) कला चिकित्सा का एक उत्तम उदाहरण है | 

सही मायने में इन दो दिनों में अभूतपूर्व मनशांति मिली |

मैंने इन दो दिनों में अपने आप से बहुत बातें की मेरी अंदर की आवाज़ अच्छे से सुन पाई |

शुरुआत ही ऐसी है तो आगे के बारे में ………

अगली बार !

शुक्रिया,संजना जी |

The New One Minute Manager – Take away

My takeaway points:

– To become a nice but effective manager, one should manage himself and the people also.

– To succussed sooner manager must be both result-oriented and people-oriented.

–  To look at our goals — to look at what we are doing — to see that it matches our goals.

– The one-minute praising works better than focusing only on what’s wrong.

– Punishment doesn’t work with someone who is learning.

– To re-direct inexperienced people who are still learning by setting one-minute goals to make sure they understand what’s expected of them and what good performance looks like.



reflection of “the one minute manager”

The book “the one minute manager” as I felt is basically a journey for a beginner to ultimately become as efficient as a highly acclaimed manager of an efficient team. Once you start reading  the book, you put yourself in the place of the young man even without realizing the same. As a reader I started getting the feel that everyone who gets a chance to work with the famous “one minute manager” in the book, gets trained to become a “one minute manager ” by themselves at one point of their career and that is the prime success of this approach.  The reason that the recipe of becoming a “one minute manager” is so successful lies in its simple yet effective approach. Strategies like “one minute goals”, “one minute praising” and “one minute redirects” are not only good theoretically but also even better in dealing with practical situations because they are specific, on-time, justified and most importantly guide you more towards the solution rather staying behind with the issue itself. Though none of the strategies will sound alien or completely revolutionary, the simple solution is the best solution to deal at the workplace and the book says nothing more than that.  

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