Life Classes 2020-2021

My journey with the life classes started in the year 2020 and until now it has been a very smooth ride. I have enjoyed all the discussions and learnings from the classes. They have been eye-opening for me in one way or another.

Firstly. I would like to appreciate FS for all the efforts that they take to care for their employees. I have never heard of a workplace where the employees are being asked about their mental and physical health or where they are getting an open place to talk and share the challenges that they are facing in their day-to-day lives without being judged by anyone. And maybe this is because I don’t have much work experience but still I would really appreciate FS, Vandana Ma’am and Priti ma’am for creating such open space.

I am an introvert and it takes time for me to adjust to a new setting. That is the reason I haven’t been able to share my thoughts in the class. But despite this, I have been a very good listener. And that has helped me a lot as well.

I have gained a lot of knowledge and I have been able to learn a lot from other people’s experiences. I have learned that life is always tough for everyone. And everyone has different ways of dealing with life. The 7 habits are like a guide that helps us in figuring out life in the right way towards the right direction.

Thank you and keep inspiring!

Life Class – 7 Habits

As 2020 was one of the most challenging year for everyone in this world. I joined FS in April 2020, where teaching was a new profession for me. And due to this lockdown the training started virtually also the class started virtually. So being new to the city new job new profession as well as new way of working everything was very challenging for me. Having to manage both households chores and office work was getting difficult day by day and also staying locked at home for so many months life did not seem much happening and only added to frustration sadness overthinking and emotional breakdown.

But then the new joiners were introduced to a whole day session Life class where the 2 facilitators @priti.pimpalkhare & @vandana.sharma took up the class where we discussed things going in life. Sometimes the class became too emotional sometimes it became so worth listening and following it in life. I am a person who is a over thinker on small things but after attending this class I can say I have started accepting things as it is and being happy in what is happening and not depending on other to keep me happy. When heard about having such class I was confused on what will the whole class be about and it will be too hectic to attend whole day class. But after the 1st class I totally had a different perspective and much excited as well as from being an introvert person I openly shared things which I felt and that made me more engaged in the class.

I must say I am really thankful for such class where we can come forward and discuss life problems which gives us strength from listening to other problems and the way they have faced it and succeeded.

Thank you.



Life: A Map ; Life Classes: A compass

I joined FS in Midst of 2020, A crucial time after lockdown where either you are stressed for having alot of work or you are surrounded by stress of people having no work or Both! Trying to coping up with both I got to know about life classes @ FS, First I thought Oh no! an Entire day event! What would this be about? (and lots of Questions), getting acquainted to Life classes by My TL made me Neutral since I was worried to get my day utilized in a whole day event whereas I could rather work on something else. But then on the day of First Life class I had an eye opening experience! the beginning of the session was so energetic and welcoming that I started being really active into participation, the Facilitators (Priti maam and Vandana maam) were good and helpful but the fellow participants were also kind and welcoming. I made friends from there. apart from all those things I came to know about alot of things that changed my perspective towards life and the people in my life. from Stressed I became stress free and more Optimistic towards Myself and others.

It didnt stopped there! the experience went more exciting with the next day, So exciting that even when I was feeling sick, I wanted to be a part of it (Priti maam made me join the session though) and then when the next session was conducted, I was at hospital for my granny, and because of life classes my granny was able to enjoy listening to the melodious voice of Priti maam. it was again wonderful experience. Experiencing Life classes with My fellow participants I felt as a family, we were sharing all good things / bad things and making it part of our own lives. It will always be as special to me as it made me felt in the first time itself, and I will be always looking forward to Attend these classes, thanks to Vandana maam and Priti maam.

Thanks alot!

7 Habits Beta Life Class – What I learned

When I joined FS in the year 2020, I had many personal and other problems in my life and when I was introduced to the work culture here at Fountainhead, I found a new spark in me. Then I came across the concept of “Life Class” and initially joined it reluctantly, however, as time passed by, I saw the true aspect of these lectures and how I related myself with the topics discussed therein.

The one thing that I related to the most was, being self-centered and caring about our own happiness first, for if we are happy ourselves, then only would we be able to focus on other things in life and grow. The Life Class taught me how to sort things out according to priorities and be vocal about the problems which I faced. Being an introvert I was not much interested in change and believed it best to stay within the bubble of the comfort zone that I had lived in throughout my life. I learned about paradigms and how we get affected by them involuntarily, mine was not accepting change and not coming out of my own shell. The topics discussed in the Life class helped me improve and take charge of my own life. I would like to thank the team of Life Class and most importantly the Fountainhead School for providing such an amazing opportunity for me to improve myself and be better.

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