Life: A Map ; Life Classes: A compass

I joined FS in Midst of 2020, A crucial time after lockdown where either you are stressed for having alot of work or you are surrounded by stress of people having no work or Both! Trying to coping up with both I got to know about life classes @ FS, First I thought Oh no! an Entire day event! What would this be about? (and lots of Questions), getting acquainted to Life classes by My TL made me Neutral since I was worried to get my day utilized in a whole day event whereas I could rather work on something else. But then on the day of First Life class I had an eye opening experience! the beginning of the session was so energetic and welcoming that I started being really active into participation, the Facilitators (Priti maam and Vandana maam) were good and helpful but the fellow participants were also kind and welcoming. I made friends from there. apart from all those things I came to know about alot of things that changed my perspective towards life and the people in my life. from Stressed I became stress free and more Optimistic towards Myself and others.

It didnt stopped there! the experience went more exciting with the next day, So exciting that even when I was feeling sick, I wanted to be a part of it (Priti maam made me join the session though) and then when the next session was conducted, I was at hospital for my granny, and because of life classes my granny was able to enjoy listening to the melodious voice of Priti maam. it was again wonderful experience. Experiencing Life classes with My fellow participants I felt as a family, we were sharing all good things / bad things and making it part of our own lives. It will always be as special to me as it made me felt in the first time itself, and I will be always looking forward to Attend these classes, thanks to Vandana maam and Priti maam.

Thanks alot!

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