Life Class – 7 Habits

As 2020 was one of the most challenging year for everyone in this world. I joined FS in April 2020, where teaching was a new profession for me. And due to this lockdown the training started virtually also the class started virtually. So being new to the city new job new profession as well as new way of working everything was very challenging for me. Having to manage both households chores and office work was getting difficult day by day and also staying locked at home for so many months life did not seem much happening and only added to frustration sadness overthinking and emotional breakdown.

But then the new joiners were introduced to a whole day session Life class where the 2 facilitators @priti.pimpalkhare & @vandana.sharma took up the class where we discussed things going in life. Sometimes the class became too emotional sometimes it became so worth listening and following it in life. I am a person who is a over thinker on small things but after attending this class I can say I have started accepting things as it is and being happy in what is happening and not depending on other to keep me happy. When heard about having such class I was confused on what will the whole class be about and it will be too hectic to attend whole day class. But after the 1st class I totally had a different perspective and much excited as well as from being an introvert person I openly shared things which I felt and that made me more engaged in the class.

I must say I am really thankful for such class where we can come forward and discuss life problems which gives us strength from listening to other problems and the way they have faced it and succeeded.

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    Life in itself is a lifelong process of learning, but to learn about living it successfully is an achievement and after joining FS, being part of such classes is an amazing experience. It opens doors to emotional connectivity with other people that you work with, i am so happy with the facillitators @priti.pimpalkhare ma’am and @vandana.sharma ma’am , they have really taken up this well because it feels like someone from the family is talking about life experiences and how to tackle them appropriately. In the begining i thought i had a ton of problems on my head but now i feel so positive about how to actually face them all. Before i did let go of things and i regretted “why me”, now my perspective has changed, it has now started turning to “i know i am right, and i can do it”. Lastly noone in this world is given a perfect life, you have to make it perfect by making changes here and there.

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