7 Habits Beta Life Class – What I learned

When I joined FS in the year 2020, I had many personal and other problems in my life and when I was introduced to the work culture here at Fountainhead, I found a new spark in me. Then I came across the concept of “Life Class” and initially joined it reluctantly, however, as time passed by, I saw the true aspect of these lectures and how I related myself with the topics discussed therein.

The one thing that I related to the most was, being self-centered and caring about our own happiness first, for if we are happy ourselves, then only would we be able to focus on other things in life and grow. The Life Class taught me how to sort things out according to priorities and be vocal about the problems which I faced. Being an introvert I was not much interested in change and believed it best to stay within the bubble of the comfort zone that I had lived in throughout my life. I learned about paradigms and how we get affected by them involuntarily, mine was not accepting change and not coming out of my own shell. The topics discussed in the Life class helped me improve and take charge of my own life. I would like to thank the team of Life Class and most importantly the Fountainhead School for providing such an amazing opportunity for me to improve myself and be better.

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