7 Habits Life Class

” Sow a thought, Reap an action, Sow an action, Reap a habit, Sow a habit, Reap a character, Sow a character, Reap a habit”                                                                                              -Charles Reade

Firstly I would like to appreciate fountainhead school for providing us with the life class where we have actually worked on ourselves. Sometimes we are so busy that we are never realising whatever things we are doing are they actually worthy or not? This life class has actually made me aware about the things which are actually important. In life class we have worked on 7 habits of highly effective people a book written by Stephen Covey. I feel it is very important to have an insight on these 7 habits which makes our life easier and also helps us to grow professionally as well as personally.

  •  Life class teaches me to express myself effectively. It has broadened my perspective of seeing life. The activities which we have done in life class made me aware about my circle of concern and how i can reduce it. I have learned how I can implement this in my life. Looking forward to attending such classes in future.

Lastly I want to thank my facilitators Bhumika ma’am, Richa ma’am and also my peers to be an empathetic listener throughout the life class.  

7 Habits life Class

“To change ourselves effectively, we first have to change our perceptions.”

― Stephen R. Covey

To know your inner self is to know your vision, goals and motives that ultimately help you to choose your purpose.

My 6 days journey in life class and what I have learned through 7 habits has helped me to look at people and especially me with different perspectives. Through this life class, I was able to discover inner me, embrace who I am and not just to appreciate others but it’s important to appreciate me. The life class was not only the journey of knowing yourself but to imbibe the habits that are required to strengthen ourselves. These are the activities that we are required to incorporate into our daily schedules and practice them regularly. This will allow us to have a growth mindset and create a real change in our lives by increasing our capacity to handle the challenges around us.

Life class – an Introspection class

When I heard the concept of Life Class for the first time,

It’s purpose, I couldn’t clearly determine.

The first day I remember talking about my fears,

And empathizing with the ones who were in tears.


I realized that everyone has their own sets of problems and worries,

While finding solutions, step by step they solve their queries.

No problem is big enough that one cannot fight,

Patience, determination, and commitment should be held tight.


Paradigm shift was something which I thought about,

They are nothing but on a mission to blur your vision out.

We were asked not to be judgemental (essential agreements)

Because that is the reason people are afraid of being experimental.


I realized that,

Procrastination is something which I need to seriously work upon,

It increases stress and unnecessarily delays thing on and on,

Also, I have realized that I need to be expressive towards my dear ones,

Life class has added more meaning to my understanding of 7 Habits by tonnes.


A phrase I will always remember – THIS SHALL PASS TOO (mentioned by Hussain sir during the class). The life class was a platform for all of us to share our feelings, struggles and our journey so far without being judgemental. The activities, writing, reading has helped me ponder upon and introspect. Also, the activities gave opportunities to synergize with different people which also helped me polish my social skills.



Lisha Chugh

7 Habits: Gamma

I clearly remember how awkward it felt to ‘share’ for the first time, sharing life’s experiences with acquaintances. I also clearly remember how Juhi ma’am and Anita ma’am unfolded the closely-knit connectedness each person had within the group and how gradually sharing changed to more fluid discussions amongst the group.
Life Classes has been a fruitful learning experience for me. It has given me an insight into the 7 Habits and helped me to work optimistically towards life and life’s goals. It further made me believe in many values which I have already been following in my life. I have come out of life classes with a lot of positive reinforcement, which I am sure is going to benefit me both professionally and personally. I am deeply grateful to Anita ma’am and Juhi ma’am for making this journey a memorable one.

7 Habits – Gamma

Life class sessions were indeed an amazing part of our journey. A big thank you to both of my facilitators Anita & Juhi ma’am for preparing the content and making efforts so that we can improve our professional as well as personal life. I was always a procrastinator and they made me realize that I am myself responsible for my own actions and my happiness. I usually never practiced a win-win situation and ended up in a Win-Lose one. All the lessons were worth learning and I thoroughly enjoyed synergizing with the team members whether in an activity of while dancing. It was fun altogether and I am eagerly waiting for future life classes.

7 Habits: Gamma

Life classes provided me with a good opportunity to see the situation and problems with multiple perspectives. It shifted many of my paradigms and hence helped me to be more open-minded.

The sharing of experiences and thoughts by the participants during the sessions gave more clarity about the habits. The best part of the life classes I felt was lots of sharing and movies.

I would like to thank my facilitators, Anita Ma’am and Juhi Ma’am for the insight they shared during the classes. A very big thanks to the Fountainhead School for conducting such wonderful classes.

Looking forward to attending more such classes in coming years !!


Apurva Mehta

Life class reflection

The journey of learning seven habits was exhilarating. I loved the part when we were sharing our experiences, including facilitators, which made me feel blessed to have such a wonderful life. Although I was following few habits but the sessions made it more explicit and provided new strategies to implement these habits in a more effective way. The engagements were very interactive but it could be more fruitful if we get more real life application. I enjoyed the beach visit and skill building sessions. Concluding, I would like to thank the facilitators for investing their time for my development.

Imbibing values

Today I am sitting and trying to recollect all the things I have learned in my first life-class, ‘Seven Habits’. I feel like I have achieved a sense of gratitude.
I still remember my first day when we were asked to share the grievances which were hampering our way for prosperity. That beautiful engagement just made me realize how small my problems are. As humans, we victimize ourselves and try to escape from the reality thinking that the problems prevail only in our lives. I am glad I realized that responding is crucial while reacting isn’t and I might lose out on people/things if I don’t remain calm and if I give importance to the problems then to solutions.
We were asked to analyze the way we would have spent our time if we had 24 hours left. The engagement made me realize the importance of my family. It has given me a lesson to not miss out on things I want to do in life.
I believe I am still in the process to attain balance in my life from all the four aspects. I am happy that I have achieved the first step of realization as it will help me now to take steps to attain it.
‘This shall pass too’ (mentioned by Hussain Sir) – a  thing I have learned and inculcated in my life. This statement has helped me to have strength in my blues and calm in my good times.
It is said that the childhood phase is the best as one can commit mistakes and can forget it freely. However, life class as a medium has helped me to not forget the mistakes rather accept those mistakes.
I am thankful to Richa maám and Bhumika maám for having the tremendous patience to listen to each one of us and guide us.


Aashiya Batra

Life Class Reflection:7 Habits Gama

Life class was an opportunity to take time and reflect upon our actions & behaviours based on different situations. It helped us consider it important to take a look at the habits which can be inculcated for living a better life & helping build stronger relationships. The journey has been amazing & enriching experience where we learnt about the application of 7habits & how can our small acts of kindness bring a lot of difference in the EBA that we share with people. The life class was activity-based & it helped us be interested in the classes.

Thank You to Anita & Juhi ma’am.

7 Habits Gama

It was an enduring experience. I got quite a good insight about the 7 habits. I was able to connect it in a better way as I have already read the book. I came to know about looking at various perspectives of the same thing. It has helped me in my struggling areas and I have changed a bit for good.

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