7 Habits Life Class

” Sow a thought, Reap an action, Sow an action, Reap a habit, Sow a habit, Reap a character, Sow a character, Reap a habit”                                                                                              -Charles Reade

Firstly I would like to appreciate fountainhead school for providing us with the life class where we have actually worked on ourselves. Sometimes we are so busy that we are never realising whatever things we are doing are they actually worthy or not? This life class has actually made me aware about the things which are actually important. In life class we have worked on 7 habits of highly effective people a book written by Stephen Covey. I feel it is very important to have an insight on these 7 habits which makes our life easier and also helps us to grow professionally as well as personally.

  •  Life class teaches me to express myself effectively. It has broadened my perspective of seeing life. The activities which we have done in life class made me aware about my circle of concern and how i can reduce it. I have learned how I can implement this in my life. Looking forward to attending such classes in future.

Lastly I want to thank my facilitators Bhumika ma’am, Richa ma’am and also my peers to be an empathetic listener throughout the life class.  

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