Imbibing values

Today I am sitting and trying to recollect all the things I have learned in my first life-class, ‘Seven Habits’. I feel like I have achieved a sense of gratitude.
I still remember my first day when we were asked to share the grievances which were hampering our way for prosperity. That beautiful engagement just made me realize how small my problems are. As humans, we victimize ourselves and try to escape from the reality thinking that the problems prevail only in our lives. I am glad I realized that responding is crucial while reacting isn’t and I might lose out on people/things if I don’t remain calm and if I give importance to the problems then to solutions.
We were asked to analyze the way we would have spent our time if we had 24 hours left. The engagement made me realize the importance of my family. It has given me a lesson to not miss out on things I want to do in life.
I believe I am still in the process to attain balance in my life from all the four aspects. I am happy that I have achieved the first step of realization as it will help me now to take steps to attain it.
‘This shall pass too’ (mentioned by Hussain Sir) – a  thing I have learned and inculcated in my life. This statement has helped me to have strength in my blues and calm in my good times.
It is said that the childhood phase is the best as one can commit mistakes and can forget it freely. However, life class as a medium has helped me to not forget the mistakes rather accept those mistakes.
I am thankful to Richa maám and Bhumika maám for having the tremendous patience to listen to each one of us and guide us.


Aashiya Batra

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