Life class – an Introspection class

When I heard the concept of Life Class for the first time,

It’s purpose, I couldn’t clearly determine.

The first day I remember talking about my fears,

And empathizing with the ones who were in tears.


I realized that everyone has their own sets of problems and worries,

While finding solutions, step by step they solve their queries.

No problem is big enough that one cannot fight,

Patience, determination, and commitment should be held tight.


Paradigm shift was something which I thought about,

They are nothing but on a mission to blur your vision out.

We were asked not to be judgemental (essential agreements)

Because that is the reason people are afraid of being experimental.


I realized that,

Procrastination is something which I need to seriously work upon,

It increases stress and unnecessarily delays thing on and on,

Also, I have realized that I need to be expressive towards my dear ones,

Life class has added more meaning to my understanding of 7 Habits by tonnes.


A phrase I will always remember – THIS SHALL PASS TOO (mentioned by Hussain sir during the class). The life class was a platform for all of us to share our feelings, struggles and our journey so far without being judgemental. The activities, writing, reading has helped me ponder upon and introspect. Also, the activities gave opportunities to synergize with different people which also helped me polish my social skills.



Lisha Chugh

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