7 habits & Love class- Beta (Days 5 & 6)

Days 5 & 6 offered us new perspectives as we explored the complex concepts of discipline and love. It’s funny how life gives you reality check sometimes, and one of the most important lessons we learned was that life is challenging. The irony is that the difficulty seems to lessen as soon as we completely understand and embrace this fact. Knowing life’s challenges reduces their complexity, much like deciphering a hidden code.

As we investigated the ideas of legitimate and illegitimate suffering, our inquiry into the understanding of pain took an intriguing turn. Even while I debated calling some illegitimate pain unjustified, I couldn’t argue against the need of accepting and recognizing it. Maybe I simply dislike the fact that some pain is so disregarded by society that its cause becomes logically insignificant to the person too leading them to repress it. 

Discipline turned into a focus, and a fellow member said something that stuck with me- love is a verb which is an action word, and love as an action, necessitates discipline. It was quite beautifully put according to me. Our investigation of the four discipline tools –  delaying gratification, acceptance of responsibility, dedication to truth, and balancing – opened up a world of introspection. My group was assigned the task of explaining acceptance of responsibility, which turned out to be not only entertaining but also extremely insightful.

According to Scott Peck, the discussions on love were equally fascinating, ranging from personal definitions to debunking misconceptions and exploring non-examples. Love, as we discovered, transcends conventional notions, and it was eye-opening to challenge our preconceived notions about it.

We concluded the day by watching the film “Fair Play.” Even though I didn’t particularly like it, it did a good job of portraying the harsh reality of the power relationships between men and women. It served as a sobering reminder of how intricately relationships are constructed. All in all, I had a great time during these sessions, and I want to express my gratitude to the school and our facilitators for providing such a rich educational environment. We are continuing to explore the complexities of life, and I am grateful for the insights and lessons gained. I am looking forward to the next and sadly our last 2 sessions with great anticipation.

Life class day 3 & 4 (7 Habits & Love: Beta)

I grew up knowing about the 7 Habits as an FS Alumni, however, experiencing them as an adult under the guidance of Sufiyan Sir and Jyoti Ma’am was an entirely different story. These two days consisted of a combination of reflection, teamwork, and self-discovery.
We began with a recap before moving on to Habit 4: Think Win-Win. We played games and spoke about scenarios that helped me view these tendencies in a more mature light. Habit 5 was the next topic, which was seek first to understand and then to be understood. We had a listening circle for this and it dealt with verbal and nonverbal communication as well as the essence of listening. Parag Sir and the entire listening circle imparted a lot of wisdom to us on its importance in this noisy world. I realised that genuine listening is somewhat uncommon today.
Next was the outdoor adventure at KG Farm, with an emphasis on Habit 6 – “synergy.” However, we initially became overly fixated on winning the games. We learned the value of teamwork through the intense, entertaining, and even rowdy gameplay, especially tug of war. We tackled Habit 7: Sharpen the Saw, which is about taking care of yourself so you last longer, just like an axe. The way we studied listening through role-playing and games struck me as the most significant aspect of these days. We developed these behaviors because of the atmosphere in the classroom.
Thanks to Jyoti Ma’am and Sufiyan Sir for making these two days not only jam-packed with knowledge but also incredibly entertaining. I would also like to thank Fountainhead School for sustaining this educational process not just for the students but also for the staff. Now that the 7 Habits journey has commenced, I’m eager to see what lies ahead.

7 habits and love Gamma – Day 3 & 4

An aspect that resonated deeply with me during this phase was the exploration of listening through interactive games and role-playing. The classroom ambiance was a pivotal catalyst for our immersion into the habits under study. Days 3 and 4 of our life class unfolded as an extraordinary experience, overflowing with dynamic activities and profound wisdom.

Through thought-provoking activities and team challenges, we internalized these principles. One of the highlights of our learning journey was watching the movie “Master Geeta Rani.” These two days buzzed with the energy of eager minds and hearts open to growth. Thank you to our Facilitator their guidance and dedication made these two days of learning not only informative but also incredibly enjoyable. The classroom ambiance was a pivotal catalyst for our immersion into the habits under study. We dived into four fundamental habits during this period: “understand before being understood,” “cultivate win-win solutions,” “harmonize through synergy,” and “nurture self-renewal.”

Gratitude extends to our dedicated facilitator whose guidance made these two days an enlightening and enjoyable voyage into self-improvement.

7 habits & Love – Beta

Day 1 & 2

The life classes as expected were extremely heartwarming..The ambience created by the facilitators, the content shared by them, the trust amongst the team members which led to such sharing and pouring out of their life experience, all these have left me enriched with memories. They’ve given an insight about how everyone is dealing with their problems and moving ahead. It reinforced the concept “this too shall pass”….a concept we’re all aware of, but need to be reminded of in times of difficulty. 

The session leaves me light hearted and with a new perspective. Will definitely try being more proactive and focus more on the rocks (important things) and pebbles and leave worrying about the sand.

I would like to sincerely thank FS and our facilitators JB and SS for giving us the opportunity to be a part of this. Looking forward to implementing all that I have learned in personal as well as professional life. 

Awaiting the next session.

Reflection of my Life Class

Participating in Life Class based on Dr. Stephen Covey’s book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” has been a trans formative and eye-opening experience for me. The workshop focused on empowering individuals to develop their character and effectiveness in both personal and professional aspects of life. Here are some reflections on the key takeaways from the workshop:

Pro activity: One of the fundamental principles I learned was the importance of being proactive. Instead of being reactive to circumstances, the workshop emphasised taking initiative and responsibility for our own lives. Understanding that we have the power to choose our responses to events and situations was a powerful mindset shift.

Begin with the end in mind: Another significant concept discussed was starting with a clear vision of what we want to achieve in our lives. By setting long-term goals and aligning our actions with those goals, we can lead a purpose-driven life and avoid getting caught up in distractions.

Putting first things first: Time management and prioritisation were crucial aspects covered in the workshop. Dr. Covey’s Time Management Matrix, which categories tasks into quadrants based on urgency and importance, helped me identify areas where I could improve my productivity and focus on tasks that truly matter.

Think win-win: Learning about the win-win approach to interpersonal relationships was enlightening. Emphasising mutual benefit and cooperation rather than competition can lead to more sustainable and harmonious interactions with others.

Seek first to understand, then to be understood: Effective communication is a vital skill, and this habit stressed the importance of active listening and empathetic understanding before presenting our own ideas. This habit encouraged fostering a supportive and respectful environment in both personal and professional interactions

.Synergy: The concept of synergy taught during the workshop encouraged collaborative problem-solving and creative brainstorming. By valuing diverse perspectives and working together, we can achieve better outcomes than individual efforts.

Sharpen the saw: The final habit emphasised the significance of self-renewal and continuous improvement. Taking care of our physical, mental, and emotional well-being is essential to maintaining a sustainable and balanced lifestyle.Overall, the workshop based on “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” provided practical tools and insights that can be applied in various aspects of life. It highlighted the importance of character development, proactive behaviour, and fostering healthy relationships. I came away from the workshop feeling motivated to apply these habits to my daily life and work towards becoming a more effective and fulfilled individual.

Thank You

Fountainhead School and

Ravindra Agrawal and Vaishali Patel my Facilitators for the unforgetable learning implantation

Seven Habits & Love – FY 2023-24 (Group – Gamma)

Hey there, all seekers of effectiveness and enlightenment! I had a good time sharing at “Seven Habits & Love – FY 2023-24 (Group – Gamma)” at Fountainhead School.


Let me take you on a ride through the first phase of the Seven Habits & Love workshop. Visualize: Two helpful facilitators, a bunch of enthusiastic participants (and some are funny) and a promise of unlocking our inner strength.


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Life + Love : Epsilon

The eight sessions of Life + Love classes were a welcome break from the normal teaching routine with loads of interactions, sharing of personal experiences, bonding with the team, and most importantly, learning in depth about the various topics of Life + Love classes in a simple and effective way from our excellent facilitators – Utsav Sir and Nisarg Sir.

7 habits of highly effective people and their significance in our daily lives – the importance of integrity as well as strength of character (primary greatness) in determining real success, our various paradigms and the paradigm shifts, depositing regularly to our emotional bank accounts for building meaningful relationships, doing mindful listening, respecting differences to build a synergizing atmosphere, accepting death as a final milestone in life and practicing sharpening the physical, mental, social and spiritual dimensions of renewal were covered in a lucid manner through real-life examples, activities, and personal connections.

The importance of problems and the pains associated with them in building our courage and wisdom, practicing discipline through delayed gratification, acceptance of responsibility, dedication to truth and balancing our emotions, defining love as the will to extend oneself for the purpose of nurturing one’s own or another’s spiritual growth, myths of love – dependency, falling in love, collapsing ego boundaries and romantic love – lead to the most essential aspect about love – about it not being a feeling but a series of constructive actions through which we nurture our inner self and the external relations.

Marriage essentials – five key principles, eight mental stages, seven promises – and roles and responsibilities of parents in nurturing their children into successful human beings were also efficiently covered.

Overall, these sessions made me aware of the foundations that will help enrich my life.

Learning from 7 habits

The Seven habits book by Stephen Covey implies to each and every person on the earth across all age group. I was personally not aware of the book as I do not read much novels but the basic understanding from the life class and the learning make me to remember the 7 Habits and actually apply in my real life.

Thus the 7 habits class was a great experience with fun and emotion and method to interact with different people from the school and learn from each others experiences and opinions.