Integrity [ETA]

After Love Class❤ I was definitely looking forward to add new learnings in my bucket that is from Integrity💙.

We started off with “judgement”. This was quite weird to know as how on little things we unknowingly judge people and create impressions.  Also it is not always jedgement we make but what we grasp while observing others😇.

The time when everyone shared what is Integrity for them was something great to know as none matched with the Google search 💭; but meant the same in their own ways. The symbol for it was something amazing to explore and ponder upon. According to me, Integrity has no boundry to follow through.

The movie 🎥 “Fatherhood” was relatable which made sense on what things can happen💫 in life and I could easily connect with the fears I have.

1 thing I learned is “I will handle it”💁‍♀️




Integrity (Eta)

When I entered on the first day I had no idea how effective these days were going to be. I learned a lot in the last two days. Especially regarding the fears. I had a lot of fears in my life but I am much well prepared for them to face now and I am sure I will be able to face them and overcome them. Also loved the movie Fatherhood. It was really inspirational. 

Integrity – Eta

The title of the class got me interested in the topic but that time there was a different thought also following that the class might be boring and heavy but it turned to be interesting. The discussion was quite interesting and the examples shared by the facilitators were quite apt and interesting. We discussed varied topics and were about the fears of judgment. How to overcome the fear what all we also listed down the fear. There were many new things we learned but there was one point I remember is ” i can handle” the effect of affirmation and positive words makes a difference.

Integrity – ETA

2 days was awesome, I learned about the true meaning of integrity, fears & strength in life.

Below are a few reflection points of the 2 days:

  • Enjoyed the sharing part with Our facilitator (Kavita Ma’am & Manisha Ma’am).
  • Watched fathers hood movie – an inspirational film for failure & connect with the integrity topic.
  • At the end of the two days, I realized that I am the very luckiest & very happiest person in the universe.
  • I will work to overcome my fears.

Finally, Thank you to my Kavita Ma’am & Manisha Ma’am, who conducted a wonderful session with us & share as many as possible examples of their lives.


During these 2 days, I learned a lot. I got to know about integrity in detail with examples as before the session I was just aware of the basic definition of integrity and few examples. Listening to examples shared by others helped to differentiate between integrity and honesty. The sessions were very insightful and they also helped in identifying various fears of life and its levels. I really liked the statement “I can handle it” which we can use in daily life whatever the situation is or the fear, which will help you deal with the same. One of the takeaway from the sessions is to face the fear and go through it that will help you to overcome the fears. Sessions were very well planned and executed. It was a great experience to be a part of these sessions.

Journey of “I can handle it to I will handle it”

The class began with “judgemental hai kya” dialogue and discussion on what actually being judgemental is and it’s various aspects. This leading to discussion of various kinds of fears, their root causes and eventually to disintegrate the fears into further categories of what needs an action and what needs to be accepted. This bifurcation is very important to acknowledge and have acceptance that if things are not in our hands then it needs to be just accepted gracefully.

I must admit that all the life classes have made me a better listener. The sharing of integrity sessions are definitely deeper and matured than the sharing that happened till now. Well, we can say life definitely happened in these past two years.

The word integrity in itself is a heavy and provoking word. I once read a quote by Warren Buffet saying that, always hire a person who has qualities like integrity, innovative and energetic.
No matter how much we learn in these life classes, I guess it’s practical application is also possible only and only when one has integrity to practice integrity :p


To conclude, it’s a great quality to have and it can get better only with time and experiences. Your desperate times are the true measure to check you integrity!

Integrity ETA

As the name says it all, Integrity sounds so simple but has so much depth. Before attending the class, I was told “Arrey, yeh toh bahut boring hoti hai, bahut hi heavy type ki class hai” I carried the same notion till I attended the class. And to my surprise it was nothing like that. We explored some known and unknown facts about our fears. Fear, a feeling that everyone has, some face it, some try to escape, but it spares none! I had the same, but the mantra that I picked from the class is- I can handle it!! & every time I feel scared, I repeat this to myself The journey started with the deepening of the understanding of the term ‘INTEGRITY’. It means following your moral or probity and doing the right thing in all circumstances, whether your work, not in others eyes. Having integrity means you are sincere to yourself and would do nothing that dishonors you.

Every human being has the fear of the unexpected. Life’s mysteries can only be understood by daring to explore the unexpected. To seek possibilities, opportunities in the unexpected.
I learned an important lesson that facing fear and overcoming that is the only option to overcome the fear.

Thanks to Kavita ma’am and Manisha ma’am for such deep enlightening sessions.

Mayuri Agarwal

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