Integrity ETA

As the name says it all, Integrity sounds so simple but has so much depth. Before attending the class, I was told “Arrey, yeh toh bahut boring hoti hai, bahut hi heavy type ki class hai” I carried the same notion till I attended the class. And to my surprise it was nothing like that. We explored some known and unknown facts about our fears. Fear, a feeling that everyone has, some face it, some try to escape, but it spares none! I had the same, but the mantra that I picked from the class is- I can handle it!! & every time I feel scared, I repeat this to myself The journey started with the deepening of the understanding of the term ‘INTEGRITY’. It means following your moral or probity and doing the right thing in all circumstances, whether your work, not in others eyes. Having integrity means you are sincere to yourself and would do nothing that dishonors you.

Every human being has the fear of the unexpected. Life’s mysteries can only be understood by daring to explore the unexpected. To seek possibilities, opportunities in the unexpected.
I learned an important lesson that facing fear and overcoming that is the only option to overcome the fear.

Thanks to Kavita ma’am and Manisha ma’am for such deep enlightening sessions.

Mayuri Agarwal

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