Journey of “I can handle it to I will handle it”

The class began with “judgemental hai kya” dialogue and discussion on what actually being judgemental is and it’s various aspects. This leading to discussion of various kinds of fears, their root causes and eventually to disintegrate the fears into further categories of what needs an action and what needs to be accepted. This bifurcation is very important to acknowledge and have acceptance that if things are not in our hands then it needs to be just accepted gracefully.

I must admit that all the life classes have made me a better listener. The sharing of integrity sessions are definitely deeper and matured than the sharing that happened till now. Well, we can say life definitely happened in these past two years.

The word integrity in itself is a heavy and provoking word. I once read a quote by Warren Buffet saying that, always hire a person who has qualities like integrity, innovative and energetic.
No matter how much we learn in these life classes, I guess it’s practical application is also possible only and only when one has integrity to practice integrity :p


To conclude, it’s a great quality to have and it can get better only with time and experiences. Your desperate times are the true measure to check you integrity!

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