Integrity [ETA]

After Love Class❤ I was definitely looking forward to add new learnings in my bucket that is from Integrity💙.

We started off with “judgement”. This was quite weird to know as how on little things we unknowingly judge people and create impressions.  Also it is not always jedgement we make but what we grasp while observing others😇.

The time when everyone shared what is Integrity for them was something great to know as none matched with the Google search 💭; but meant the same in their own ways. The symbol for it was something amazing to explore and ponder upon. According to me, Integrity has no boundry to follow through.

The movie 🎥 “Fatherhood” was relatable which made sense on what things can happen💫 in life and I could easily connect with the fears I have.

1 thing I learned is “I will handle it”💁‍♀️




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