Integrity – Day 6

It was great to listen group members sharing their personal life stories and struggles. While discussing one of the group members struggles, I could really make connections to my own life. I somewhere, down the line gained the understanding that self awareness is really important. If we want to achieve certain things or grow in a some way it is beneficial to know and figure out who we actually are, what we actually want and later align these thoughts with the daily actions taken up. Temporary escape to negative feelings will just end up piling up until it bursts out.

Overall, the session was well paced and conducted


Tu Chal

Life may not give you the closure that you anticipate or may not even give you a closure at all. Like the stream that continues to flow we learnt the slogan today “Tu Chal”.

Facing own fear, accepting it, searching for the solutions within. We call ourselves INDIVIDUALS, but the feelings and emotions are just the same. Sharing our personal journey and story we realized how complex our world is and while we search for the answers in the world, the solutions lies within us. We just need to remove the blindfolds and see what the life has for us. Happiness in Challenges, Glory in weakness, Beauty in adversity, hope in turmoil and Life in Life.


Today’s session was really light yet intriguing. The way we all opened up about our pain/fears in our RAP sheet and shared it with the rest of us. I am sure it was really liberating. Because at times, we do not have anyone to share these things with, not even us. But this session really opened up opportunity for the same.

Especially for me, the RAP sheet was the highlight of the day. Understanding people’s struggles, their victories, their mantras’ for life is something that in a way keeps all of us moving.

Both; the movie as well as the short films were so intriguing and though provoking.

The biggest takeaway from this session for me, is to have my peace of mind in the long run, and not depend on temporary adjustment and happiness. I intend to work on the same 🙂

Rapping on the RAP

Today’s session started with movie watching. We discussed fears and pains of Actor in Khuda hafiz movie. Further, we discussed our individual RAP sheets. It was good to see life from multiple points of view. Sharing own struggles and others giving strategies makes one feel being heard. Some light moments and some emotional talks, the day ended with discussions. One thing which was my take away from one the participant was – all individuals look at the world through their own glasses.

Your life – your responsibility

I am really grateful for the enlightening sessions which serve as a reality check for us. It works as a catalyst for us to dig deeper into our habits and mindset. I realized ample things about life from the short movies, deliberation, and real life illuminating insights by the facilitators and the members.
‘Soch’ movie taught us that in today’s on-the-go society especially with the demands of work and family life, we don’t feel grateful for our blessings but rather focus on what we don’t possess. But along with being aware of the reality of life, we have to cherish and live in the present moment with vim and vigor.

“Be happy in the moment, that’s enough. Each moment is all we need, not more.”- Mother Teresa
The true strength resides inside us so we should make responsible choices and take complete charge of our life. We are the sculptors of our life and we have the power to create what we need instead of merely waiting for it.
The short movies also showed the seamless transition from pain to power journey. Knowing the type of disease is important in order to heal it, in the same way recognizing the reason for pain is salient in order to embark on the journey from pain to power. This means we need to learn how to recognize the pain as it arises.
For dissolving pain, we need to step out of our comfort zone by making responsible choices.

“The 3 C’s of life: Choices, Chances, Changes. You must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change.”                                                                      – Zig Ziglar
The choices we make have a major impact on the life we live. From a multitude of choices, make the right choices on a daily basis so that you may live an authentic life that is true to who you want to be. We need to take the steering of our life in our hands rather than being bothered by the ‘Ifs and the buts’ of society’. We can start taking charge of your life right now, instead of leaving everything at the mercy of circumstances or other people.

“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.” – Nelson Mandela

Indebted for everything we have

We had a great and healthy discussions. I utterly resonate that let’s appreciate what we have and I felt that there were two choices. We either have a complete meltdown, breakdown, lose it completely –or we look up and think about how we’re becoming better out of all of this. We should reinvent ourselves as we learned many things and decided to change many things.

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