Today’s session was really light yet intriguing. The way we all opened up about our pain/fears in our RAP sheet and shared it with the rest of us. I am sure it was really liberating. Because at times, we do not have anyone to share these things with, not even us. But this session really opened up opportunity for the same.

Especially for me, the RAP sheet was the highlight of the day. Understanding people’s struggles, their victories, their mantras’ for life is something that in a way keeps all of us moving.

Both; the movie as well as the short films were so intriguing and though provoking.

The biggest takeaway from this session for me, is to have my peace of mind in the long run, and not depend on temporary adjustment and happiness. I intend to work on the same 🙂

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    Yes, we all are on the same journey. Though sometimes seems like a roller coaster ride but lets enjoy it and as we have learnt, face one ball at time, lets cross one hurdle at one time. That’s how life is.

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