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The eight sessions of Life + Love classes were a welcome break from the normal teaching routine with loads of interactions, sharing of personal experiences, bonding with the team, and most importantly, learning in depth about the various topics of Life + Love classes in a simple and effective way from our excellent facilitators – Utsav Sir and Nisarg Sir.

7 habits of highly effective people and their significance in our daily lives – the importance of integrity as well as strength of character (primary greatness) in determining real success, our various paradigms and the paradigm shifts, depositing regularly to our emotional bank accounts for building meaningful relationships, doing mindful listening, respecting differences to build a synergizing atmosphere, accepting death as a final milestone in life and practicing sharpening the physical, mental, social and spiritual dimensions of renewal were covered in a lucid manner through real-life examples, activities, and personal connections.

The importance of problems and the pains associated with them in building our courage and wisdom, practicing discipline through delayed gratification, acceptance of responsibility, dedication to truth and balancing our emotions, defining love as the will to extend oneself for the purpose of nurturing one’s own or another’s spiritual growth, myths of love – dependency, falling in love, collapsing ego boundaries and romantic love – lead to the most essential aspect about love – about it not being a feeling but a series of constructive actions through which we nurture our inner self and the external relations.

Marriage essentials – five key principles, eight mental stages, seven promises – and roles and responsibilities of parents in nurturing their children into successful human beings were also efficiently covered.

Overall, these sessions made me aware of the foundations that will help enrich my life.

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    Life classes was really a wonderful experience with such a diverse and enthusiaistic group of people and opinions , along with wonderful facilitators who directed us towards better learning and healthy discussion on life experiences. It took us through mental ccleaning process and family like friends in school . Important lessons ranging from basics of love and life to various paradigm and 7 habits . Enjoyed the learnings .

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