Confused.. still moving on..!!

My journey of Critical Thinking so far has taught me to think two ways: Keeping your emotions aside as well as considering them.

There are many situations in every individual’s life where they have to think critically and hop to one conclusion. But is it easy?

I have learned to analyze a situation without overthinking. Critical thinking reflects that emotions and reasoning go hand in hand. It gives us ownership of beliefs. The decision between a fact and an opinion will be taken on grey areas and not black & white.

The question which still resolves is Who is God? I mean I have seen my family discussing about Lord Krishna because of which I have various images and types of GOD in mind. But, Now after the sessions and discussion, I am confused that no one has seen god, all these stories are assumptions that something of this sort must have happened and people are believing it since ages.

I never doubted on the existence of God! There is some creator and destroyer, there is some supreme being.

Religion what I believe is all man – made, people of same beliefs and location came together to form a group and then they made their own rituals and traditions and then domination started.

Also, learned that one should not be biased in taking decisions but think critically about what is actually important for us.

With gratitude,

Palak Joshi

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