7 habits & Love

Like the previous sessions, thoroughly enjoyed session 5 & 6 as well. We navigated through the various aspects of love, pain, discipline…things which affect us alot. Would like to apply the learnings from these to improve my quality of life.

I really appreciate all the members and the facilitators for making it enjoyable and enriching it with their experiences.

Insights on Day 6_Critical Thinking Class

Day 6 Life Class on Critical thinking was an insight on different theories of ethics and a session with Parag sir. The session with our facilitators helped to understand various theories where apart from critical thinking there is something else which helps you guide the situations and the circumstances. There was a discussion on information, knowledge and wisdom. Where the main domains of wisdom were touched upon. Through the session, we could introspect the areas where emotions play a role and we make better informed choices for life.

Checking the ground of religion, ethics, and morals

On Days 5 and 6 of critical thinking skills, we learned about religion biases and how our views and opinions change with the situation. We will think critically if our loved one is not involved, but as soon as our family member or loved one gets involved, emotions and impulsions hack the critical thinking. Apart from this, one needs to think rationally and critically at the same time to make a better decision.

“Exploring Paths: Reflections on Decision-Making, Beliefs, and Religion”

Religion, theories, knowledge, wisdom, or information—what do we need when making decisions? Do we require a defined path to become a better person, or can we simply go with the flow? These past two days of life class have prompted me to think more critically and reflect on my thought processes. Engaging with Vardan Sir and Parag Sir, along with sharing insights with fellow mates, has deepened my self-reflection. The group discussions and examples allowed me to analyze situations from diverse perspectives. What particularly stood out for me in the session was the confidence with which I could identify my stance as a believer, an agnostic, or an atheist.

Critical Thinking Reflection D3 and D4

What excites you the most about being part of this CT life class?
This class has a way to make you think differently. The discussions we had in the two days were enriching. The sharing also made me think of how 1 thing can be thought of in so many different perspectives. It has taught me to pause, process and research any information or fact thoroughly. I absolutely enjoyed learning about logical fallacies which has become somehow a part and parcel of how we perceive things. To learn about biases and logical fallacies was the most exciting part and I have often gone back to them and even discussed the same with my constants on how we tend to use it in different situations! Now most of the time when an opinion comes to my mind, I love to sit back and analyse if there is any logical fallacy puddle I have slipped in while forming that opinion. This class has stretched my mind in many ways and have done so in the most delightful way!

What are your key takeaways from Day 3 and 4 of CT life class?

Research is extremely important when we are taking in any information. The activity where we murdered our darlings was enlightening, how often we fall in to the charms of good marketing and dont focus on whether we should really be using that particular product. It was fascinating to learn how we dont really use our second type of thinking here and how most such decisions are just based on impulse and they may be actually having a continuous impact on our lives. The knowledge continuum activity was also a lot of fun. To actually understand the sentences and make careful choices really helped in molding how we use words while expressing opinions and facts. These two days have been full of learning for me and I am looking forward to the rest of the class.

7 Habits & Love – Alpha Day 1 to 4

Discovering the principles of the 7 habits has enhanced my ability to make sound judgments. There has been a noticeable shift in my perspective and reactions, instilling a newfound confidence and sense of control in my life. I am deeply grateful for this transformative experience and eagerly anticipate further learning.

Life classes have been a delightful blend of fun, enjoyment, and valuable lessons, significantly impacting our day-to-day lives. I want to sincerely thank Jaanvi ma’am and Munira ma’am for skillfully guiding our life class, crafting an experience that is both enjoyable and enriching.

7 Habits & Love – ALPHA (Day 1 – 4)

I want to express my gratitude to Munira madam and Jaanvi Ma’am for their insightful discussions about the book, their personal anecdotes, and the lively guitar show that really lifted our spirits. These past two days have been incredibly informative and valuable, helping us understand how adopting certain habits can significantly improve our lives.

From envisioning our ideal life to addressing the challenges we may face, from understanding the concept of primary greatness to embracing a paradigm shift, and from being proactive to evaluating our circle of concern and influence, to crafting our personal vision mission statement and identifying our center – we covered it all. Hearing the experiences of my colleagues enriched my understanding of these concepts.

One aspect that stood out for me was the exercise of identifying our rocks, pebbles, and sand, and the prioritization matrix. I believe this matrix will be a valuable tool in finding the balance between my personal and professional life.

Finally, I want to extend my thanks to Fountainhead School for providing us with the opportunity to learn and grow professionally.

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