• soma.barik@fountainheadschools.org

    Session 5 and 6
    November 24 and 25
    Jyoti Ma’am and Sufiyan Sir made the life class impactful as they guided us through various aspects, with a particular focus on love. The session provided insights from different perspectives, enriching our understanding.

  • kajal.parchani@fountainheadschools.org

    Expressing gratitude to the facilitators for an insightful life class on love, encompassing pain, discipline, responsibility, truth, balance, openness to challenges, and delayed gratification. The session was impactful, enhancing both personal and professional growth. The inclusion of engaging activities like the game and debate effectively highlighted and deepened the understanding of the subject matter.

  • khushboo.patel@fountainheadschools.org

    Attending the life class on love was truly enriching, offering profound insights into aspects like pain, discipline, transference, withholding truth, balancing, openness to challenges, and delayed gratification. The movie we watched matched with what we had discussed, connecting with ideas from Scott Peck’s ‘The Road Less Traveled.’

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