7 Habits Alpha _My experience

It was a great experience and I enjoyed each session of life class facilitated by Jimmi ma’am and Rashida ma’am. Today is the eighth day of life classes, I learned how to live a healthy and happy life. How to make a balance between work and family as both of them are important. I am now more effective in planning, I learned the importance of division of time so that at the end I may finish my work before time so during deadlines the schedule will not be hectic. We had done work in a group and individually, on how group work can be synergized.

On day 7 we went to suvali beach where we played individually and in groups, In the starting, we were playing individually each member of a group have different targets and we were not able to work properly then we decided to have a specific target for the group and we become successful.  In GOLD movie we saw the importance of teamwork which led them to win. I am thankful to the facilitators, they are so nice and energetic.

7 Habits Alpha

I would like to thank Fountainhead School and the facilitators for giving such an amazing learning experience.

It is said that, ” Your Habits determine your Destiny”.

In the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People life class, I have learned how to: take initiative, balance key priorities, improve interpersonal communication, leverage creative collaboration, and apply principles for achieving a balanced life.

These 7 habits have  transformed the ways I handle my work and personal life such as managing my time more efficiently, staying motivated, and cultivating relationships.

The 7 Habits are built on enduring and timeless principles that apply everywhere, and in all circumstances.

It takes an inside-out approach, which is the only way to sustain personal, team, and organizational development. You move from dependence to independence to interdependence. Private victories precede public victories. If you want to succeed with others, succeed first with yourself – “SHARPEN YOUR SAW”.

Critical Thinking

आज manipulative tactics और implicit bias के बारे में जाना कि कैसे जीवन में निर्णय लेने से पहले इनके बारे में जानना कितना आवश्यक है | जीवन में साहसिक बनकर और Scientific method के द्वारा अपने विचार रखना और प्रश्न पूछना बहुत महत्वपूर्ण है |

7 Habits Alpha 2021-22

I enjoyed myself throughout all the days of life classes and learnt many things and strategies about where to focus and where to work and rework on my personal and professional life. I learnt how life can be spent in the right way and to practice the 7 Habits is very important to live a better life. This class helped me to polish the ability to adapt to all kinds of circumstances and succeed in every aspect of my life. Thank you so much to the school management for giving such valuable life class, which is really helpful to be a better person in the world.

7 habits Alpha

How my perspective has changed now after becoming a part of Life class at FS.

We come across many types of people throughout our life, and we fail to understand them from every angle which results in any kind of conflicts and misunderstandings.

Initially, when I heard about Life class, I was wondering what would it be all about?

Then the moment we sat on Day 1 and the way we all gave our introduction and the way Ice breaking was done, I was fascinated with this concept and I loved it so much.

Now talking about the Life Class:

“7 habits of Highly Effective People” This book is one of my favorite among all but earlier I was not having in depth understanding of this book and how we can implement these precious habits in our lives. With these life class sessions, I realized how these habits can be incorporated and how life could be maintained well just by following these habits.

If I talk about its implementations in my personal Life, Yes I have implemented – “Sharpen the Saw” wherein I have started brushing my conceptual skills and knowledge in terms of Academics and at the same time I have learnt how to be more Proactive rather than just being active.

I have enhanced my listening skills which has helped me a lot to understand people in a better way.

Over all the session helped me to know my collogues, team members and I realized how each one of us are equipped with so many skills and I learnt many things from them.




7 Habits – Alpha

The life class, and the group I landed in feels like a safe space to express my views, opinions, and even concerns a lot of times. From day 1, this has been a space of no judgement with each member respecting the stories of another.

While we all might know the habits that we learnt in the life class, what helped most is that our concerns could be categorized and evaluated individually as and when we went through each habit. The mentors and team members always made sure that no concern was disregarded as too small or unimportant which gave everyone the opportunity to express themselves freely, and be vulnerable without hesitation.

The life class itself has been a great place to unwind, break the routine, meet people other than your team members, and space out from the mundane.

Our facilitators – Rashida ma’am and Jimmy ma’am also made sure that everyone had the chance to speak. While they focused on the agenda during the sessions, they also let our thoughts flow, and never stopped us from expressing ourselves, which further fueled our learning experiences. We learnt from people’s stories of distress and coping. We learnt from each other.

I didn’t really know what I could expect from these classes, but it has been a great journey and I couldn’t have asked for a better team than this.

Critical Thinking


ફાઉન્ટેનહેડ શાળાની કાર્યશાળામાંથી જીવનની સાતત્યતા માટેની પરિપક્વતા મળી ગઈ, 


જીવનના બધા પહેલુઓને જટિલ વિચારશૈલીથી વિચારવાની એક સૂઝ મળી,


વિચારને પણ એક વાર વિવચારવું પડે એવી એક સોચ મળી ગઈ,


ઘણા પૂર્વગ્રહો (Biases) ના વમળોને સમજવાની અદ્ભૂત તક મળી ગઈ,


જટિલ વિચારથી  (Biases) ના “ખાડાને”(potholes) ઓળખવાની કળા મળી ગઈ.

Critical Thinking- Reflection

आज हमने अलग-अलग manipulative tactics और implicit bias के बारे में सीखा | किसी भी चीज के बारे में प्रश्न उठाने से पहले हमें scientific method of questioning को apply करना चाहिए | प्रश्न करते समय हमारा पूछने का तरीका, लहज़ा और उसके बारे में supporting जानकारी का बड़ा महत्त्व होता है |

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