7 habits class- Alpha

The 7 habits classes journey was amazing although it was an online one. The habits directly or indirectly have impacted me in some ways. The things that I learned will definitely prove helpful to me in my professional and personal life. After the 7 habits classes, I came to understand that these things were affecting me but since I was not aware of it previously, I used to face difficulty in my life.

The facilitators were amazing and shared their insights too. They patiently listened to each one of us and empathized with us. The life classes have impacted my personal life and professional life too in terms of that I seek first to understand and then to be understood and also try to think win-win. The AHA moments for me was to present my understanding of the habits in the last life class as well.

The life classes have been an eye-opener and I have been benefitted from a few of the habits in my personal and professional life too. Thank you facilitators and thank you FS!

Life Class Reflection

Although we had a task of reading 7 habits book during our training, being a part of Life Class has actually helped me to be thorough with those 7 habits and understand their significance in our life.

A person who can implement these habits in his daily life will for sure be an highly effective individual, who is not stressed in any situation coming ahead and is also well balanced. The 7 habits stated by Covey where such that they cover all the aspects of an individual’s life thus helping him to balance and pay attention on all the areas. The 7 habits are as below:

  1. Being Proactive
  2. Begin with end in mind
  3. Synergize
  4. Think Win Win
  5. Seek first to understand then to be understood
  6. Put first things first
  7. Sharpen the saw.

The facilitators have really helped us understand these habits well.

Life class reflection

Life class has been very effective. There are some elements which we can use in our both lives. 7 habits have the ability to bring one person from dependent to independent and from indepndent to the interdependent. After attending the life classes, i am dedicatively working on the seventh habit and which helps me to enhance my other habits. Similarly i could have changed my perceptions.

Our group of life class has been very encouraging and enthusiastic. During the class,we have cried together, we have danced together,we have laughed together and we have meditated together. This are the great moments for me that I will never foeget in my life. This class has given us many learnings.

Thank you so much dhwanisha ma’am and palak ma’am for facilatating us.

7 Habits- Alpha

The life classes were altogether a different experience which we had. It was like a professional family which we had. Everyone shared their thoughts and ideas openly and enjoyed the process. It has helped me grow and have better understanding about different situations also I have turned more sympathic towards everything. Also I feel more grateful after every life class I attend. Looking forward to more sessions like these in next year

7 Habits – Alpha: Final Reflection

I am thankful to Steven Covey and FS facilitators – Dhwanisha ma’am and Palak ma’am who were the facilitatiors of 7 Habits Alpha group as they showed us the way of living the live happily and successfully. With them I learned and understood all the concepts of 7 habits in detail.

I have seen the life classes taken physically last year and was waiting for my chance to enjoy the same this year and thank to all the facilitators of 7 habits to make it possible even in the current situations.

I would like to thank the facilitators for making sure the sessions are lively and all participates even while using an online platform.

The whole journey was very much interesting and insightful and as i mentioned earlier, it helped me in living a better life.

Once again, thank you very much Dhwanish ma’am and Palak ma’am.

Final reflection of 7 Habits Beta (2020-2021)

This is an appreciation post for Priti ma’am and Vandana ma’am and the entire group of 7 habits Beta. I have been very fortunate to know my group and both my facilitators. This class has helped me to connect with my life and understand its purpose a little better.

Every day we wake up and work like robots without actually understanding the real purpose of doing that job. But with the 7 habits, I have started to understand the importance of life.

  • We have learned how and when to prioritize ourselves and our work.
  • We have learned how to achieve mental and emotional balance in spite of this hectic life.
  • We learned how to work in coordination with other people even though our ideas wouldn’t match.
  • We learned that being good listeners is as important as being good communicators.
  • We also learned that there are always ways in which both parties will be able to win.

The most precious learning that I will take back from these classes will be that it’s okay to not be perfect. We all make mistakes in our life but instead of regretting those mistakes, let’s learn something from them and embrace them.

My overall experience has been wonderful and I would like to once again thank my entire group along with the facilitators for being courageous enough to share their personal experiences with a bunch of ”online strangers”.


I am thankful to Steven Covey and FS facilitators as they gave us the instances where we could actually understand :

  • How to lead our life!
  • Prioritizing the responsibilities.
  • Sparing time for myself is equally important.
  • Two heads are better than one: It has its own pros and cons.
  • Art of listening.
  • Clarifying expectations
  • Win -win, Win-lose, Lose-win
  • Adding into the emotional Bank a/c……and what not the list goes on……
  • The last two sessions were the best ones: Loved the activities to the core.

I would like to thank the facilitators as they kept the sessions lively and all the participants engrossed. We all have a special bond between us now and we always feel connected. Our batch always felt it was the best time as we loved meeting each other. 

7 habits – Reflection

My journey throughout the year in life classes has been amazing. I have learnt a lot through the process and have become open-minded. It has helped me identify my strength and weaknesses and I have worked towards the same. I feel like I am an improved version of myself. It has also opened my eyes to everyone’s struggles and accept mine more openly. It has been a great process. Thank you !

Life Class-Beta

The past year has been a tough year for all but it was a year for strengthening my weak areas such as multitasking for both home and work. In general because of Life class learnings (precise for the pandemic year), my perception to life changed as I have started taking things very positively at both places. Life is precious and every moment comes once only so live it to the fullest, making it worth it is in our hands only. The 7 habits has been imbibed in my mind so well that now whenever i am in some or the other situation, i remember the 7 habits and this gives me the sense of how that particular situation should be handled. I used to meet deadlines earlier as well but now i meet deadlines in a different manner, before it was only for the sake of doing it, but now it is because i set them as important and as my priorities so i do enjoy everything i have to do. 

My mission was, is and will always remain as “Come what may, be least disheartened and pessimistic. Always be happy and opportunistic”.


Thank you to the wonderful facilitator’s @Vandana.sharma Ma’am and @Priti.pimpalkhare Ma’am. It was also great to be in class and interact with other participants that maybe i would not be able to know otherwise during school time. Looking forward to the next!!

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