Integrity ETA Its a journey to be remembered

The journey of integrity class has come to an end and it has taught me many lessons of life. I am definitely going to imply many of it in my life journey. Thanks to both the facilitator and also all the participants for sharing their journey of life.
I am stronger because of hard times, wiser because of my mistakes and happier because of my sad experiences.

Components of Integrity

The Integrity sessions have surely imbibed 7 aspects of integrity namely, honesty, respect, responsibility, generating trust, pride, in ourselves as well as keeping promises and helping others.
This has surely helped me to be better versions of myself.

Thanks to all my group members and facilitators for making it journey that I will cherish throughout the life.

To Integrity Eta

The journey of Integrity Eta comes to an end. How I wish we could’ve had at least one session in physical setup at school. Since the beginning of the integrity session this year, we’ve learned a lot. I specifically like the idea of identifying our fears on various levels. Often people aren’t able to understand their fear and assign the tag of fear to not so serious aspects in their lives. Integrity sessions have helped me to be a good listener. The one thing probably that I like about integrity sessions as compared to the last two years is that there is a lot of sharing happening on a deeper level. This is actually beneficial to both the speaker as well as listener. Today’s task of reframing the mission statement and planning as a facilitator was also helpful. At last, we all came together to listen to each other, understand each other and provide support as well as creative solutions to our problems.

The one thing that remains is a picture with this beautiful set of people of our integrity batch whenever possible. I also thank our facilitators for making our sessions interesting and engaging. Thank you.


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We the Normal People

We have shared many experience and shed many tears together. The journey has come to an end but have created a lifelong bond, understanding and respect for each other. Facilitators made sure to keep the classes lively and engaging. Cant say that the last day was the best, each day was crucial for our growth as better being.

Thanks everyone for this opportunity to know you all and share the happiness and sorrows.

Final Reflection-Integrity

The first thing that comes to my mind is GRATITUDE, be it for my facilitators or my co-attendees. We have started a beautiful journey together where we got to know each other in a very safe space. It was an amazing journey in Integrity classes. I have learned a lot through the process. I got to interact with other members of the group. It has helped me grow and have a better understanding of different situations. The movies or videos which we did in Integrity class were quite interesting. Overall, I enjoyed attending Integrity classes. Thanks to the facilitators and all the members.

And we concluded…………!

Mixed feelings for the end of Integrity life class – ETA.

These used to be the sessions where I shared, gained new insights and discussed my own issues as well as of others. And this all ended virtually.

Both the facilitators made it a point to make everyone participate and share their fears, pain, ways to fight them out and so on. The last day was unusual with few surprise elements. To conclude the day, we all reworked our mission statements. The follow-up discussions led to introspection rather than just penning it down. I am glad to be part of FS and eventually of life class:). To sum up, my learning and takeaways – here is an apt image …….!



Integrity – to the end! [By CD]

The integrity class has hereby come to an end. It was an exciting and uber cool jounery. I loved all the movies that we watched and all the discussions and sharing that we had. Today was also one such amazing day that concluded the Integrity class on a meaningful note. The mission statements are going to stay with us for a very long time.

The  integrity class has empowered me to accept, face and fight my fears, which is also one aspect of my personal mission statement. It has made it possible for me to set up ‘A necessary meeting’ with my unsaid, unexplained and unaccepted fears.  This entire journey was a long meeting full of negotiations between me and my fears, and by the end of the year, i might say that I am on the winning end of it ALMOST!

But setting up this meeting was what Integrity class did for me.

Thank you FS, UC, PE! 🙂

Final Reflection of Life Class- 7 habits Alpha

The first thing that comes to my mind is GRATITUDE, be it for my facilitators or my co-attendees. We have started a beautiful journey together where we got to know each other in a very safe space.

Dhwanisha Ma’am and Palak Ma’am always have smiling faces and kind eyes which exhibit empathy towards everyone and makes us feel good about ourselves.

The best moment for me during this class was session 8 where we all got to share space rather than the virtual space.

Dhwanisha ma’am and Palak Ma’am have created very insightful lessons for us to make this unusual time and class very entertaining and exciting for us.

I am learning not to procrastinate and be proactive.


Thank you again to my great facilitators and group of people around me from whom I have learnt to be more courageous and full of emotions


Life class- Alpha – 7 Habits of life

I am thankful to Dhwanisha Ma’am and Palak Ma’am as they Explain the importance of Life Class :
It is about 7 Habits of life and i learned and implemented slowly and gradually in my life since first session like : How to lead our life, how I Prioritizing the responsibilities, Spending time for myself is equally important for the purpose of betterment, team building and work, Clarifying expectations and Win -win and win lose concepts to build good relationship among the team and other members.
I would like to thanks both the facilitators for smooth conduction of all the sessions with good management.
Good luck for the future.

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