Integrity 2020: Day 1 and 2

What a start to the third year of Life Classes. I was skeptical of how this will turn out to be in the virtual format as there was a dilemma of whether I will be benefitted from this format, whether there will be fruitful discussion, will I be able to connect with the facilitators and participants. But in the end, I would say that it was ‘Awesome’. Nothing changed… Same enthusiasm, sharing, and learning. Thoroughly enjou=yed the first two days… Looking forward to the coming sessions.

“अहं ब्रह्मास्मि।”

अहं ब्रह्मास्मि।
I have the power to create.
also, I have the power to destroy
I have the one inside me who is everywhere in the cosmos.
so I can say


Isn’t it amazing how God brings the right people into your life at the right time. People who support, love and pray for you, regardless of your circumstances.

I trust that God wouldn’t give me more than I can handle. I just wish he didn’t have such faith in me.

Mother Teresa

Life is so beautiful.

Life is so beautiful which I learned in this two days session.

I learned that I should be always happy and we can live happily if we think positively. I learned the actual meaning of “Integrity” which means you need to be honest along with that you need to be principled. our school principles always apply here that “Do the right thing even no one is watching” is also a part of integrity. I learned about the different types of people and how does it help us to understand the people and also helps us in growing. we learned about the facts of fear and how to deal with them . The session was quite insightful and the facilitator is really good.

Integrity is the seed of Achievement

Real integrity is doing the right thing.Its very important to be impecabble with our words and speak with integrity. Intergrity gives us a growth mndset which in turn helps us flourish.I feel believing in onself helps us overcome our fears automatically.We become more strong, compassionate and emphatetic towards our ownself. Integrity helps us widen our horizons with unbeatable powers. This powers lead to exhuberant positivity and utmost trust which you gain for yourself.

I am accumalating all the powers necessary to overcome my fears.Futhermore, I do anything and everything to stay strong , optimistic and accept the situations the way they come.I truly keep these inspirational stories in my mind along with the mantra “I can handle it” to overcome all big and small obstacles in my life.

Combat the fear

Fear has been a part of life the moment we are born. Even an infant, though in the safest hand, feels fear. And as we grow these fears keep on compounding. And that is what happens with most of us.

The last two classes taught me to push through the fear rather than living with it. Everybody feels fear but the attitude to face such situation is distinct. I will definitely try to execute and put to practice.

Thanks a lot for this wonderful session.

Integrity Theta – Stumble Fearlessly into Adventure

Integrity requires a deep understanding of life. How to overcome our fear and pain is something that we learned in two days of class. A perfect amalgamation of sharing, understanding, activity and reflection. The facilitator made it smooth by sharing their own experience which created an environment whereas a participant I felt free to share my opinion and experience.

Summing up: “Stumble Fearlessly into Adventure”. Adventure of life.

Integrity Life class Theta – 2020

It has been a wonderful experience attending Integrity classes. I learnt the meaning of the word ‘Integrity’ It means doing the right things when no one is watching. It also means ‘Walk the Talk’ I also learnt types of fears and truth of fears.

Everyone has fears so do I, but I now wont be fearful about my fears. It is less fearful when we are facing rather than living the fear. We should always remember the 3 magical words that I will handle it.


Bharat Suhagiya

Life class Reflection (The Happiness Project)

The book club session was another version of Life class, Love class, Integrity and Emotional Intelligence combined.

Even as we were discussing the book – The Happiness Project – and what makes us happy, we were making connections with the things we learnt during the earlier life classes.

On the first day, we spoke about material and spiritual happiness. We also examined the happiness hormones, to take a more rational/scientific angle of the book.

All of us are also going to work on our own happiness projects and present it to each other on the culminating session of the book.

Each chapter that an assigned teacher leads helps us introspect our lives and what we need to change about ourselves and bring happiness into our lives.

Look forward to the next session.

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