Face the fear

When you are in a virtual set up, if the sharings still touch you and help you resonate with the situation, then half the work is done. Listening to experiences with provocations from mentors help in opening up. Never looked at the FEAR this way. They say ‘Hope for the best but be prepared for the worst’, but is that easy? Hoping – YES, but not all of us are prepared for the worst. What can be worse than this adverse time, life is in a stand still, still we all moving ahead and are shining. True learnings with constant discussions on how we can believe that YES, I CAN DO IT, I CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN. The emojis and GIFs activity in the session was so helpful. It helped in introspecting, analysing and evaluating. Some heard and some new stories and the status of mind of the protagonist, all are lessons for life, food for thought…life is not easy we all know, but we surely can make an effort to  make it interesting. I would end with the quote –  Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional. If not optional, atleast we can prepare ourselves mentally and physically….Well made connection of 7 habits and Love class with Integrity.

My Happiness Project

Hello All,

Today, I would like to share with you all my jorney of this “Happiness Project” that I have taken up this year. This project is based on the book “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin. She started her journey to become happier and chose one aspect of her life each month for entire year. She listed down her commandments and adulthood secrets to help her in this journey. Two of the lines which she learnt and used is what I have taken up for now.

  1. “There is only Love” – In order to develop tolerance and compassion for everyone around me with diverse thinking and behaviours, I have chosen this as one of my commandments to help me feel good or at least neutral for all that exists around me and frustates me.
  2. “Fake it to feel it” – It has been long learnt lesson now to many of us that positive affirmations using I or I Am statements in present tense to send messages to our subconscious mind or brain and achieve whatever we want. I procrastinate a lot to check assessments and that frustates me later and also my managers! I have written down few statements that would help me to become better at this task. One of the statement is “I love checking assessments”

Apart from this I commit for the following aspects of my life to become happier:

  1. Physical Fitness – Do Yoga or exercise 20 minutes a day. Eat a little less and with all 5 senses.
  2. Mental Fitness – Do Pranayama, Recite my prayers and Meditate ( Total 60 Mins a day).
  3. School Work – Be a little more proactive and get work done a little faster with good quality.
  4. Professional Development – Learn about “Teaching and Learning” OR “Technical Skills” 20 minutes a day.
  5. Being there for family – Spend time meaningfully with or for family 45 minutes a day.

I am hopeful that I shall be able to keep my committment and be Happier.

Stay Blessed!


I am a happy person. To keep ourselves happy is our first responsibility and I am happy then only I can create happiness outside. Great learning
Happiness is not in destiny but in the journey. So to make our journey we took a happiness project which we will present at the end of life classes. Really grateful to find such an opportunity where we can discuss without any judgment and fear. After knowing the chemical and hormones responsible for happiness,  I was logically convinced that happiness affects our body composition. Nagging in relations could hamper any relations so negatively that could ruin the whole setup. Marriage is a work under progress sort of relation. So wisdom comes when you understand any concept with real-life examples. Actions are necessary to achieve anything in life. May be baby steps. So starting my happiness project with lots of love and care from my life class friends. Love u all.

My happiness project is to do the walking and exercise for 40 min at least 5 times a week. I will do my meditation session in the evening and write the experiences as diary writing. I will master my thoughts to create a peaceful world, which means a blueprint of my life so that I will be a happy person.

Reviving our life with Integrity :-)

When it comes to life classes, I feel the following quote is a perfect example of it.

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin

I am blessed to be a part of life class wherein we enrich our learning with others’ experiences. Before attending the ‘Integrity’ class, I was very inquisitive as I have heard a lot about it from my friends that it is all about the application of the ‘7 habits’ and ‘Love class’. But now when I am experiencing it I can make connections with the ‘7 habits’ and ‘Love class’. When we talk about fears it is also connected with legitimate and illegitimate pain along with having faith in ourselves. This workshop was sort of a reflection process that helped me to rethink my fears from different lenses and also gave me insights to handle the same. I am looking forward to the upcoming classes which will surely help me to become a better version of myself. Till that I will always remember the inevitable mantra, ‘Come what may, I can handle it’.

Integrity – Theta – Always be happy…

It was a wonderful experience. Generally i share very less to people around me but in these two days i have build up my confidence level to speak up. Thank you so much chandani ma’am and ranjana ma’am to inspire us. The sessions are very useful to our lives. I will surely work upon my fears to get rid of from my life. All Participants are very interactive.

I believe that ‘

The brave people are not they who does not feel afraid, but they who conquers the fears. So fight with your fear.

Thank u so much.


“I have learned over the years that when one’s mind is made up, this diminishes fear; knowing what must be done does away with fear.” —Rosa Parks

I can utterly resonate this quote post witnessing an ‘Integrity’ sessions. We need to hit each and every ball wisely the life throws to us and leaving the game is not an option. These hurdles were there, are there and will be there. All we need to do is, just go for it. Be the player in the game of life and it’s not about winning or losing, all that matter is your journey. Believe that, “You’re enough, You can do it and You will do it.!!

Integrity_Life Class_Theta_2020

First of all I want say that after two classes my thought is changed about the “Integrity” which is not just a “પ્રામાણિકતા”.

This class is about how we need to life our life. I am having a good experience with such good people and expressive facilitators. Sessions are very insightful. This class is about the identification of our inner hidden fear and it’s about how to live through digesting our fear which can be any type. I came to know about my fear. And learn about how to face the fear and live life with the full of enjoyment and respect.

Thank you for such kind of facilitators and participants with whim we can sharing with out open mind.

Looking best for the future.

Thank you

Integrity- Theta

The session was an eye-opener. It helped me understand how to live my life. Facilitators were very motivating and encouraging. It was quite an interactive session.

I came to know about my fears. I understood the underlying reason of this fear and it is upon us to overcome this fear with positive attitude and confidence in yourself. I also understood that facing my fear is more easy than living with it.

The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

Quoting from the book – “There is only love”.

This line and the idea seem so simple. However, if you delve deeper into its meaning, it helps you to realize the significance of positive thinking or affirmations. In the book, the author shares an example of a workplace where the employees dreaded to work with a “notoriously difficult person” – the boss – except the author’s friend. She would just use one simple mantra – There is only love.  She worked with him without any hitches or any complaints.

If we can apply this mantra in any relationship, happiness is something we get in return.

The discussion on the book is not yet over. Until now, I did come across many such insightful statements which forces me to reflect on my life too. I am sure there is more to come.

As part of my happiness project, I have committed to spend at least 15 minutes a day on writing something worth reading 🙂 I have been wanting to write something good from a long period of time but I would not work diligently towards it. If I want to see my name in print, I need to work for the same. I need to do what makes me ‘happy’.

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