I am a happy person. To keep ourselves happy is our first responsibility and I am happy then only I can create happiness outside. Great learning
Happiness is not in destiny but in the journey. So to make our journey we took a happiness project which we will present at the end of life classes. Really grateful to find such an opportunity where we can discuss without any judgment and fear. After knowing the chemical and hormones responsible for happiness,  I was logically convinced that happiness affects our body composition. Nagging in relations could hamper any relations so negatively that could ruin the whole setup. Marriage is a work under progress sort of relation. So wisdom comes when you understand any concept with real-life examples. Actions are necessary to achieve anything in life. May be baby steps. So starting my happiness project with lots of love and care from my life class friends. Love u all.

My happiness project is to do the walking and exercise for 40 min at least 5 times a week. I will do my meditation session in the evening and write the experiences as diary writing. I will master my thoughts to create a peaceful world, which means a blueprint of my life so that I will be a happy person.

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