Face the fear

When you are in a virtual set up, if the sharings still touch you and help you resonate with the situation, then half the work is done. Listening to experiences with provocations from mentors help in opening up. Never looked at the FEAR this way. They say ‘Hope for the best but be prepared for the worst’, but is that easy? Hoping – YES, but not all of us are prepared for the worst. What can be worse than this adverse time, life is in a stand still, still we all moving ahead and are shining. True learnings with constant discussions on how we can believe that YES, I CAN DO IT, I CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN. The emojis and GIFs activity in the session was so helpful. It helped in introspecting, analysing and evaluating. Some heard and some new stories and the status of mind of the protagonist, all are lessons for life, food for thought…life is not easy we all know, but we surely can make an effort to  make it interesting. I would end with the quote –  Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional. If not optional, atleast we can prepare ourselves mentally and physically….Well made connection of 7 habits and Love class with Integrity.

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