Reminder to the habits taught by my Mom!!!- 7 habits

The 1st day of LIFE class sounded like we are going to get some heavy lessons or some lecture about life. As time passed there was something more severe. People had tears and sorrow in their eyes when they shared their life stories. Amidst that I felt, my problem, why did it even exist or was it even a problem??????

As the class proceeded ahead my view of life had already changed and  felt lighter at heart. Husband, in-laws, parents were side tracked and HAPPINESS became the core.

The 7 habits as named were the same taught by mom throughout 28 years without the technical name. Her favorite being “Synergize” and “Be Proactive”. Though her explanation varied with what our mentors delivered. For her being synergize was never to go out alone ūüėõ and being proactive being that before she scolds me my room shall be clean…..

As and when time proceeded and life classes where moving smoothly with tears, sorrows, joys, dances, movies i realised that I was the master of my life and the steering was in my hand of My CAR- My LIFE.

I overall became more light hearten and started taking life at ease. My Mother in law taunts started sounding like a feedback to me and as taught in FS I took it as a gift…..

The time spent with our buddies was memorable where we made good friends and explored so many kinds of species at once….

Mentors were more like friends and when they shared their experiences , I wondered that did they also face this issue???

I would like to thank everyone involved in this 1 year journey and looking forward to more…..

Last i realised that My Mom can also be termed as the author like (Stephen R. Covey) although she does not have technical terms to her reasoning…..


Pooja More

7 Steps to 7 Habits

The quote which I read and can relate the most after Life Class sessions.

‘Life is just a classroom’

Beginning of Life class was exciting with a pinch of nervousness in our stomachs when we wondered what exactly we will be doing after reading the guidelines and conditions. As the sessions started, the group of people who were unknown to each other started to know each other more than friends do.

I have been the kind of person who always had difficulty sharing my own problems in front of anyone. This is a practice everyone should have. Even if the answer lies within ourselves sharing it helps us find it. We were able to reflect on ourselves and it was surprising to know what we all carry behind the smiles everyday. Yes, we choose to smile because we know problems are part of lives.

We learned 7 habits in a unique way which did not only include reading the book but to get into different situations and feel it. These are things we will carry through out our lives and teach the coming generations.

Our life class mentors helped us feel comfortable. They were more like facilitators and took the sessions in friendly manner. I’d also like to share about the group I had, we all share a special bond with each other as if we are part of some secret avengers team and its only us who know what we know.

Life class has definitely changed many things in my life. In one or the other way it has reflected in my tasks, thoughts and conversations. It has also given a route to my thoughts and words to what I wanted to express. I learned importance of people in my life and started valuing the fact that I have them. Emotional bank account and types of conversations we learned helped me know the importance of little things we share with each other.

On and all, we had a wonderful time with Tasneem Ma’am, Mitali Ma’am and the entire 7-Habits Beta Group sharing, listening, playing games, watching movies together and¬†asking each other about homeworks.

Thank you Vardan Sir and Ankita Ma’am.



Experience for 7 Habits Life Class

There was amazing experience in 7 habit class.I have learned so many things which are really helpful to me to add values to my life.I live my life more happily with these 7 habits values.I share my things to my closed ones.Attending life class is to giving some extra time to my life to understand others as well as myself too.I also enjoyed a lot with my participants in different activities.

Happy to attend life class and seeking for more values from upcoming life classes.

Thank u so much to our facilitators (Shraddha Patel and Ravindra Agrawal) to teach and deeply explained all 7 habits.

Kaushal H. Sailor

7 Habits

It was a wonderful, an amazing experience to facilitate the 7 habits workshop. I learned, relearned and unlearned certain things. I would like to thank Mariyam Ma’am, for giving¬† this opportunity. The participants were enthusiastic through out and given the full support in conducting activities and also shared their experiences and learning. These classes have really helped me to make a BETTER me.
Tasnim Batliwala

Wonderful Experience!!

I would like to thank Fountainhead school for giving such a good exposure. Life class has helped me to grow professionally as well as personally. It has transformed my life. I remember my first day at Life class where I had shared my life with the people whom I don’t know. But from that day we were no more unknowns. I learnt how to become an empathetic listener, how to prioritize my work and to be proactive. Life class has changed by lookout towards life completely. It helped me to think, to work with each other and to live my life.

Thank you Ravi sir and Sharddha ma’am for enlightening me through the life classes. These learning will always be cherished by me.

My learning from life class

I am really very thankful to Fountainhead school and my mentors (Ritu Khanna and Suruchi Arora) for giving such a life long learning. We know every thing but we don’t follow all these things in our life.After doing 7 habit life classes¬†I¬†consciously started working. I learn to prioritize my work and to do long term plannings. I started making my goals and working on them. I learn art of listening and clarifying expectation.How to build emotional bank account.After all this learning I started giving quality time to my family and friends.


The power of listening and sharing.

Life classes at Fountainhead school actually took me down the memory lane. I was often taught the importance of listening and its effectiveness. Listening is one of the most important elements of developing personal as well as interpersonal effectiveness. But the truth is, I could never master the skill. During life classes, I actually developed my skill of listening. It helped me look at things from another perspective. Being humans, full of emotions and feelings, we feel as if the entire world is on our shoulders. Life classes gave me a platform where these emotions and feelings could be shared. Sharing them had a tremendous impact on my well being. I had always been following the 7 Habits, but never really realized its power. It is here, where I have understood the significance of following these habits. This realization, courtesy Life classes, will now drive me to continue following them in future as well.


Rachana Patel

Reflection for Life Class

Someone rightly said that “Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do”. I am really thankful to the Fountainhead school for conducting such classes. Through this life class, I learnt a lot and got to know about many things which I am unaware of.Even I shifted my paradigm for the different situation.
Overall it was an enlightening experience. I would like to thank the facilitators Tasnim ma‚Äôam and Mitali ma’am as they kept sessions engaging by sharing personal experiences.

Fruitful Session

I am very happy to be a part of such class – 7 Habits, in which I have got to learn many new things as well as got to experience everyone’s sharing, ideas, challenges that they faces in their life. After this fruitful session I am now confident to face any challenges or up’s and down’s if it arises in my life, I will stand strongly and overcome it.¬†It made me understand about the paradigms which we carry with us all through the life and its impact on our lives and many more lessons,such as to¬†understand and respect others perspectives, sharing time with beloved, knowing the responsibilities and prioritizing them, Situation of win-win/ win-lose, lose-win, adding into emotional bank account and so on.I am very thankful to both the facilitators¬†Ravindra sir and Shraddha ma‚Äôam for motivating us, engaging us to share and guiding us to make a choice to apply these habits in our day to day life.



Life classes : “Introduction of Utsav_Oza to me.. !!”

“Roshni milli
Ab raah mein hai ek dilkashi si barsi
Har khushi milli
Ab zindagi pe hai zindagi si barsi
Ab jeena hum ne sikha hai.”

– Javed Akhtar
Life classes were boon for me I can say. It was a wonderful journey throughout the year. I was eagerly waiting for the sessions of life classes where I can share my words with the people who will put their feet in my shoe without estimating the shoe size!! Throughout the year, I learnt and understood a lot from people’s experiences and their ideas. It was amazing to Introspect, reflect, correct and resolve the issue of life. Thank You life classes for helping me to meet me.

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