Love – an attempt to define it

Love is difficult to define as well to practice and all the more to make it a habit…habit of loving someone unconditionally. During the love classes, I had quite interesting realizations and heard many different views about Love. We started of with question whether Life is easy and difficult and I clearly remember where everyone agreed that life is difficult and I was the one who disagreed and said that Life is easy…After lot of deliberation, everyone accepted my viewpoint and since then our group always says that life is easy and not difficult. Point was that if we believe that life is difficult then we will not get aspired to make it easy – we will not fight harder to sort our difficulties and the pain will just increase as we will keep reliving those unpleasant experiences. So its a choice that individual has to make whether to view life as easy or difficult – difficulties will always come but one has to overcome those difficulties. Parallel to this we also discussed about Pain and Suffering – legitimate and Illegitimate pain and the difference between to and how important it is to practice this difference in any relationship that we are into.

Few definitions of Love – Love is like discipline – one needs to practice and display even in an adverse situation and when you requires strength and discipline to love someone even when you hate them…We also discussed tools of discipline and personally delaying gratification is something that I didn’t practice much but I now do intend to.

I also found Myths of Love as an intriguing topic – out of Self sacrifice was one of the points which affirmed one of the strongest believe that if you are not happy then how will you keep your loved ones happy. It made easy for me to explain my loved ones always sacrificing is not the right way to love someone and thinking this is how relationship works are incorrect…It made easy for me to explain that being happy doesn’t mean that person is selfish or self- centered..rather it means that person has completely accepted the  way he or she is – is aware of what hurts them or makes him / her happy…what are their strengths and areas of improvements…their emotional quotient is high as compared to others because they know how to heal their wounds when somebody hurts them without and at the same time how to put across a point without hurting anyone..they are compassionate and empathetic…and now I can keep extending this discovery to whom so ever I will meet in future…

Love is extending one-self…its a choice…it required efforts…it needs to be done willingly…

Besides this, I also enjoyed Marriage session as my husband accompanied me. I could relate to 7 stages of marriage since I have been married past 2 years only and I discussed with my husband incidents which we faced and how could we have done things better then…Love classes have reinforced my belief that its a journey where one will see ups and down…will face difficulties and pain…have to face confrontations and still stand strong and keeping loving the dear ones conditions…its relationship which requires continuous nurturing.

Keeping loving…






Love class Reflection

Hello all,

Before attending love class my perception was that Love is a feeling, and the romantic partners are in the center of love.But after attending “Love class”, I have shifted my paradigm. I came to know about the elements of love:- Care, Responsibility, Respect, and knowledge. Love is not to depend on someone.Love is giving the space to each other to grow. That is called spiritual growth.I was very much inspired by the Scott Peck’s definition:-

“The will to extend one’s self for the purpose of nurturing one’s own or another’s spiritual growth—Scott Peck”.

Apart from that, I learned that Love is an act of will, desire, and action

Love is the risk of – confrontation, commitment, Independence.

In the love class, I also came to know the key principles of marriage


Spiritual friendship, commitment, equality, forgiveness, enjoying differences.

We discussed the Eight mental stages of Marriages

  • Falling in love
  • Honeymoon
  • Period of Adjustment
  • Something is Missing
  • Crisis
  • Forgiveness
  • Norming and Performing
  • Attainment 

In conclusion, I just want to say that true love requires our dedication and effort. “Love class” is a great platform for me to understand the reality of love and through these inspired sessions, I have shifted so many paradigms of mine. I am so thankful to my facilitators to enlighten us.


Sneha Pareek

Live Life!!! Love Life!!!

Love is not a feeling….What?? Howz that possible? Since childhood we heard about tangible and intangible categories and Yes, by all means it does come to the intangible category.


But this is life …. As complicated as our Love Classes which can not be categorized in simple definitions. Or it is actually simple but we somehow made it tangled with our ego, expectations and ”I am always right attitude”….


These Love classes helped me to understand it is not easy to love. It needs action, self sacrifice, forgiveness and sometimes “let it go” so that “True Love” comes back to you. Its not between marriage partners but further extends to your colleagues, friends, parents, kids and sometimes people whom you never know, never meet still Love exists and spread its blossoms. It has many stages, needs a lot of patience, self introspection and courage to take responsibilities. It gives you pain but that’s what requires you to shine.


Learnings from Life and Love classes integrated together gave many perspectives and assisted to raise myself towards a better understanding of Life and relationships. Thanks to all my facilitators and teammates for uplifting me…..


Love…. Swati

Love class

An interesting topic to take up for the second year as it involves topic catering to personal life which works symbiotically with handling issues at the work end.

Got to know so many perspectives on what people actually think love is all about and cleared some doubts myself as well. Generally people live with lots of myths about love and end up getting disappointed with their expectations. I could relate to many discussions as I have myself undergone through few of such scenarios.

I enjoyed the parenting session as I got to discuss on the topic which is going to be very handy. I believe it works well with the teachers as well. Certain topics are already known to the teachers given the training we get and the school ideology but it’s all fun to have a detailed discussion on the topic with the peers specially when you have PYP MYP Sr. school staff clubbed together.

Great facilitators both Ms. Brinda and Ms. Krishna, as they shared several examples and were patient listeners as well. Content covered also highly relevant. The environment created is light and conducive for sharing. Overall great job! Keep it up.


Malvika Gandhi

What, Love class is all about…..

Its that day of the year again, the last day of the Life/Love classes. The same nostalgic feeling of parting from one and all which we had last year during the last day of 7 habits and the time to reflect upon about what has love class been to me.

Initially, going by the folklore at FS, it seemed to be all about relationships, happy married life, good parenting and all big terminologies of leading the relations.

Then, as the day 1 & 2 reaches end, I understood that rather than to listen about it from others it is better to experience.

Then as day 3 & 4 ends and the facilitators, Roshan madam, Manisha madam and Pretty madam conclude the discussion about Understanding Love, it is there where all the participants got into catch-22 situation with all our understanding and beliefs actually testing the times. But still, it was truly a healthy discussion with a nourishment of our spirits helping us to attain spiritual growth.

With day 5 & 6 into happening, from Love we move onto a healthy and successful Marriage. With the 8 stages of Marriage being broadcasted, I am sure that most of us must have introspecting about which stage they are into and started relating to the sharing happening in the sessions.

The sessions on parenting towards the last sessions of day 7 & 8, though being bit of heavy on our heads and minds were able to give real picture about how a parent should be- a mentor, a friend, a role model, an effective educator and a facilitator with most of the myths about parenting taking a back seat as one explores strategies for healthy parenting.

At the end, I must say that it is worth to experience Love Class before creating a Myth….

To conclude, I would just like to add one of the tracks from amongst those used during our sessions….


Love Class – Learning

Hi All,

The following are my key learnings from the love class :

1.Practice what you preach as a parent

2.Show selfless love for your partner in a marriage despite the differences.

3.The different experiences shared by my fellow participants will enable me to look at the things from different perspectives.

My Suggestion:

We should not follow just one book for the love class.Instead, we should use multiple books and sources for discussion.


Thanks & Regards

Anbu Packiaraj

Reflection about Love class.

Life is not easy either we have to change it or accept it. My myth about ‘love is feeling’ is changed to ‘love is all about willingly extending ourselves.’ It is not only desire but also action. Love is about spiritual growth.
Love is a wide term it covers many elements. What is love and what is not love. Roles of parenting and principles they we had enriching discussion on this. This have changed my way of thinking. Thank you to all the three facilitators they gave many real life examples and we had an enriching discussion throughout which helps to connect well.

Love class: Reflection

I felt very good being a part of love class. I was very comfortable & understood well and also learnt a lot in this class. The participants were also very co operative & very helpful. The facilitators ensured that I understood everything. The most important thing I learnt from Love class is, Love is sacrifice. We only sacrifice for the people we love! it was an amazing journey, thank you so much!

Endearing dear zindagi!

“Life class”… The most righteous name given to a class that changes your stance towards life. We all know how precious the life is but we often do not realize it till we are made to realize… Most of us merely survive and not live. Life classes helped me in living my life as it came and not just surviving it. By the end of just 8 enlightening days, it changed the way I see life now. I always loved this quote by Helen Keller — ‘I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet’ but never could feel the profound meaning it carried. When at life classes my colleagues opened their life’s books for us all to glance, I was suddenly hit by a reality check that yes I have enough things to be thankful about. 

Life classes also helped me to set my priorities and helped me organize my already settled life (at least I thought it was ;P until this happened). Reading would have helped but experiencing the lessons in real life by sharing with others made a difference. I would like to take opportunity to show my gratitude to FS for conducting something so fruitful and to Ravi Sir and Shraddha Ma’am for their consistent guidance and nurturing (read:facilitating) our life classes with their sincere efforts. To conclude, it helped me to endear my dear zindagi!

Best wishes,

Rashida Golwala

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