Love : A different perspective !

Love is – Will / Action/  Desire

In other aspects Love can be an amalgamation of the following abstracts:

  • Responsibility
  • Risk
  • Trust
  • Care
  • Understanding
  • Knowledge
  • Respect

Love is not :  

  • Self sacrifice
  • Dependency
  • Romantic
  • Ego boundaries
  • Cathexcis

According to Scott Peck :

LOVE – The will to extend one’s self for the purpose of nurturing one’s own or another’s spiritual growth.

Scott Peck also states that :

  • The first extension is difficult, it causes anxiety but once done we have evolved in the process.
  • To love humans means also to love our-self /myself.
  • Love is effort-full :- Its the choice which we make.

The sessions were interactive and the sharing of group members made it easy for all to understand how different situations impact our understanding and decision making process if the meaning of love is understood and kept in the centre of these process.

Overall, fun filled sessions along with engaging activities.

Thanks to our facilitators !


It has been a great journey for me till now to attend Love Class. I got to introspect about life, love and what it actually means. I entered this class with my own perception of love but I got a very different mindset about it and I’m glad. The only thing that is certain in our life is uncertainty. Uncertainty is a very important thing in love because you never know what’s going to happen in the next second.

I have always seen people around me being lovey dovey all the time, texting and talking over the phone, exchanging pictures and meeting for coffee or dinner but that isn’t all there is to love. Love actually is to truly care for someone, feel for them and do things that make them happy but not at the cost of sacrificing your identity or your happiness.

Let go of the relationship if it is demanding you to suppress your happiness. Love is beautiful but it needs some separateness. Love is like a river – it keeps flowing along. The stability of your love is as secure as a wide raft on a wild river ride. Your love will always be tossed about, cresting waves and plunging down the trough but you stay together and make the most out of it- that’s a step towards happiness. Life is going to be difficult at every stage but it does come with a choice of being an optimist and seeking things positively. Also, we discussed about marriage and parenting. Being unmarried, I am yet to experience that part but listening to others, I got a gist of how your life changes but it’s in your hands to manage things.

Love class taught me to delay gratification and also to forgive people and let go of past. Another thing that I learnt through love class is confrontation. There is always a better way to confront something. The appropriate language to be used for confronting can make things flow smoothly.

I would like to thank my facilitators Krishna Ma’am and Brinda Ma’am for making me realise what really love is and how to keep patience in every mode of life. I’m looking forward to learn much more from them in future.


Juhi Arora.

Life long learning

The learning I will always keep with me is “Life is a struggle”. Every time things may not happen according to your wish, but there comes up an important term “Acceptance”. Accepting the situation may not solve the problem but you will become stronger and face the problem more efficiently.

I can say that it was an eye opener session for me. I am a kind of person who believed in fairy tales. But with time I learned that life is not a fairy tale. I had many myths about love which were clarified during these sessions. Now I have some idea about what is love.

Got to know many relevant things but don’t know how will I be able to apply. I got to know about “acceptance” but don’t know how much I will be able to accept. Love is extending yourself, but not at the cost of suffering.

Thank you Brinda ma’am, Krishna Ma’am and all the participants of love class- Zeta for giving me some knowledge and lots of memories.

Roma Bhesania 🙂

Live, Love & Grow

Life is difficult.  

I guarantee you’ll never have a flawless life. On the bright side you may find your passion or travel the world. On the downside you may lose a friend or your job. But once you admit that life is difficult, that fact is no longer of great consequence. Once you accept responsibility, you can make better choices.

Accepting responsibility may not come straight away, but for those willing to take the time that’s necessary, they will find themselves cured.

Self-control is the essence of Peck’s brand of self-help. He says: “Without discipline we can solve nothing. With only some discipline we can solve only some problems. With total discipline we can solve all problems.” A person who has the ability to delay gratification has the key to psychological maturity, whereas impulsiveness is a mental habit that, in denying opportunities to experience pain, creates neuroses. Most large problems we have are the result of not facing up to earlier, smaller problems, of failing to be ‘dedicated to the truth’. The great mistake most people make is believing that problems will go away of their own accord. The take-away here is that sometimes the benefits of lying outweighs those of telling the truth, but we often drastically underestimate them.

Redefining Love.

I tend to think of love as effortless, the free fall of ‘falling in love’. While it may be mysterious, love is also effortful; love is a decision: ‘..the desire to love is not itself love. Love is as love does.’

The ecstatic state of being in love is in part a regression to infancy, a time when we felt our mother and ourselves to be one; we are back in communion with the world, and anything seems possible. Yet just as the baby comes to realize he or she is an individual, so the lover eventually returns to his or her self. At this point, Peck says, the work of ‘real’ love begins. Anyone can fall in love, but not everyone can decide to love. We may never control love’s onset, but we may – with discipline – remain in charge of our response. And once these ‘muscles’ of love have been used, they tend to stay, increasing our power to channel love in the most life-giving and appropriate way.

Grateful to the FS and Thank you so much, my facilitators, Nandini Aswani & Priyanka Chhabra




Be the real you. That’s true love ..for yourself & others.

I am grateful to school that provides such a wonderful learnings to their employees.

In love class, I learned the actual meaning of love. Till now, there was only one definition of love I knew which was ” when we like someone’s company it is Love” but there are many things apart from just liking.

I learned the meaning of the true love, Myths of love and how can we spread our love to others and get love from others. I personally believe that being yourself is the real love to yourself and the world. If you don’t love yourself, how can the world love you? Everything in the world has a specific cost to buy it but there is only one thing that comes free of cost and that is Love. It will never decrease if you spread it, it will be increase instead.

You can not love yourself or others just by being idle. you need to extend yourself for being loved and to love. You need to take care of small things and work on it to understand the actual meaning of love. You must express your love to the person whom you love and care for. Sometimes the person may not realize that you love him/her.

Last I would say: Love yourself, Love others and spread Love. It’s Free… Free… Free…

Reflection of the Love class- 2017

My experience of the love class has been absolutely great! I express my gratitude to the school for presenting such platforms where we can freely exchange our opinions, and continuously evolve as humans!

Once we learn to create EBA’s with people in our lives, about which we learnt during the life class, the next step is to put LOVE in it, that deepens the bond. This opportunity was brought forth by the recent love class which threw light on the importance of taking legitimate pains during the process of expressing our love towards others. These pains lead to our growth as humans. Another important element while loving someone is DISCIPLINE. We learnt about the different tools of discipline,while discussing several personal examples where we could exercise these tools, to make our lives more meaningful.

In the consecutive session of the love class, we discussed about the definition of love, as presented by Mr.Scott Pack in his work, The road less travelled. “Love is the will to extend one’s self for the purpose of nurturing one’s own or another’s spiritual growth.”; Each phrase of the sentence was interpreted really well! With the help of role plays and discussions, we clarified our ideas about all the myths associated with loving someone! The elements of love namely, Care, respect, responsibility and knowledge , portrayed in the movie, emphasized the big idea behind the love class!

Thank you FS, Nandini ma’am,Priyanka ma’am,and all my fellow mates in the love class, for your wonderful insights!Looking forward to much more in near future!! 🙂 🙂

Ultimately Love is everything- Scott Peck … Reflection time!!!!

Discipline is the main tool -we need to resolve problems of life, with perfect discipline we can solve any problem – Scott Peck.
The journey of  love classes for me has been enriching and a self introspecting session where I and many of us have identified that what we think as love is only a desire without an action element. Love demands effort. For me confrontation has always been a step taken back with the fear of losing ,but gradually I realized that love is what we choose to do ,what we want and not what the other desires. It is leveled on the factor of balancing where extending oneself and aiming at spiritual growth of oneself and the other is the key factor. Love classes has enlightened my thoughts which were ultimately uncovered by me.
I would like to thank all the facilitators for sharing their valuable insights and making me understand the true sense of what love is by quoting number of thoughts given by Scott Peck.
Richa Sarda

“Love is just like a back pain…once it strikes, it stays forever…”

Well, this is what my husband told me when I asked him how would he define love…and this was just after I finished sharing my learning and experience of love classes…and Scott Peck’s definition of love…

In reality, this was an attempt of my husband to cheer me up as I was missing my family and schools friends whom I don’t get to meet so often post marriage. Scott Peck has rightly said that love is not about falling in love with someone hopelessly or being dependent on someone to fulfill your needs..its also not about sacrificing own happiness and inner peace every time and then expecting that the person would understand your pain without you expressing it… Love is just like any other relationship which needs to be nurtured unconditionally… This is what I said when we were asked to define what is love… One has to go beyond his or her ego boundaries, fear, doubts, weaknesses, failures to really love unconditionally forever… So it also means that love needs to be practiced and demonstrated in the adverse situation; by accepting the person as he or she is and most importantly, by accepting ourselves. It’s not easy and it requires efforts, courage, and willingness to love by maintaining the essence of the relationship; which means there has to enough room in the relationship which allows two people to grow… to grow emotionally and spiritually.

I am blessed to be surrounded by people who have loved me by accepting me as I am and have encouraged me to love them truly, madly, deeply and fiercely. These relationships are my strength and my center of focus due to which I am able to maintain the balance between work and personal life. It is this love which makes me believe that life is easy…


Art and Skills- The Makers Day

Any work is not easy ……………..  and this one was surely not an easy one. All excited and enthusiastic people were tired and exhausted by the end of the day.

We would first like to thank Mr. Husain Cinemawala,  Mr. Manish Tiwari, Kirit Bhai and Ashok Bhai who helped us to make our projects successful.

The task was to design a desk organizer.Some of them took references of the designs,some used their own brains. Desk organizers,dressing table organizer, book racks-whatever they wanted to organize they made.

Step 1: Draw the sketch along with measurements.

Step 2: Kirit bhai/Neha ma’am or if you are a risk taker then go ahead with the cutting and chopping ;))……….. There were some enthusiastic participants who learned how to cut or shape the wood by themselves.

Step 3: Polish/varnish/color, decorate the organizer

The work done by all of the participants was commendable.

The other day was utilized in making a bird house which was not a compulsory project, it was free choice day wherein they could choose to either complete their organizer or learn to make a bird house or if they want to learn something new…we were there to help…………..

A few glimpses of the exciting days..




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