Adding value to my life…

Hello friends,

As my GURU has said, “Vidya daan jivan daan hai”. So, sharing of knowledge is considered as charity, which becomes ‘Food for life’. The rationale behind this is; that enhancement of knowledge, brings the receiver in a better position to earn his living. This thought itself leads me to thank Bhumika and Nisha for taking us through this wonderful journey of 7 Habits.


I am an avid reader, but not a fast one. And so, after the birth of my child; I have had very little time for reading. So, it would have been next to impossible for me to read this book completely and decipher the knowledge in the span of a year. Thus, this workshop has definitely helped me achieve this.


Although I was aware of all the 7 habits, and practicing it in some way or the other; the workshop led to self-introspection at each stage. And sharing of examples and real life situations by my colleagues was also very enriching and gave me a deeper insight into the 7-Habits philosophy.


The habit I enjoyed learning most, was the last one – ‘Sharpen the Saw’; because it was done with a practical approach and had less of theory. Overall a wonderful experience, and I also thank the organization for giving us such amazing opportunities for Personal and Professional Development.


Warm regards,
Sejal Lal

Life classes

Great experience !!!!!!!!!!! It was the time to learn, unlearn and relearn. The habits were known to me as I have read the book but the sessions have added an insight to it. The sessions were a blend of discussion and activity which helped to understand the habits well. The real beauty of the 7 Habits is that improvement in one habit synergistically increases our ability to improve the rest.

Happy being part of the life class.

Thank you FS for the opportunity!!!!!!!


Reflection on Love class

The love class defines love by its aim: The will to extend one’s self for the purpose of nurturing one’s own or another’s spiritual growth,” which also results in one’s own spiritual growth. Love is intimately associated with self-discipline rather than with passion or feeling, uniting love of another and of self. The class connects love with development from infancy to maturity, rejecting the myth of romantic love, asserting instead the necessity of individuality and clearly rejecting as forms of love both dependency (which does not foster growth of the other) and self-sacrifice (which can be masochistic tolerance of abuse). Love is attentive, courageous, and willing to risk loss, independence, commitment, and confrontation..


My best learning has been Parenting. I realised the mistakes I do while handling kids. Love class taught me how to treat a child. It helped me as a teacher and i am sure it’ll help me in my personal life as well.

Few Glimpses About Life Class Learnings

Whenever I hear someone saying “Life class” my facial expression suddenly changes to smear happiness and I feel in a tiny corner of my heart “Yayy!!”. Sometimes I think why such happiness for something with whom you have being attached since a moment of time, how it is bothering so much to me whenever I hear something about it. I ask this question to myself that what that much “Life class” taught me which other classes or teachers could not. Let me start from the start.

I was a very impatient, easily influenced by others kinda girl. I was always under a circle of safety around me as I know that someone some day is going to hurt me, don’t know why!!

But all this “I was!!!” “I was!!”. Now after coming in contact of something so diligent I can’t but forced myself to change.

Life class showed me the value of myself. Where I stand in my life, how much important someone is out there to me and how much importance I consume in their’s life. I learnt about paradigm shifting, I learnt to become proactive. Before attending the sessions I was unable to manage my personal and professional life but after attending I actually came to know about the problems and solutions for the same.

I would like to thank the facilitators Nisha ma’am and Bhumika ma’am as they kept the sessions lively and all the participants engrossed. We all have a special bond between us now and we always feel connected. Our batch always felt it was the best time as we loved meeting each other. We all had good sense of humor and respect for each other which made the 7 habits session (Life class) successful.

With lots of love,

Tasneem Dahodwala

Reflection on Life Classes!!!

I still remember my first day at life class, for me it was all about getting to know different people. It has changed my lookout towards life completely, how just a change in few habits can affect your moods and outlook towards life. The initial thoughts of, “Why life class? Why it has to be for the whole day? What difference is it going to make?” are all being answered. Special thanks to Nisha and Bhumika Ma’am for being such motivating facilitators and providing such homely atmosphere for sharing and learning.

The moments where we wrote sorry and thank you letters to our loved ones, the death exercise had such a positive effect on my relations and life goals.

Overall, It was a wonderful time.

To be the change, begin within

Life classes for me was rebuilding the 7 habits of highly effective people in me. It had a great impact on me. I understood the importance of having a small circle of influence in my life. The change you want to see in the world will start with you. So I learned that instead of finding errors in others, I should begin with myself first, build a stronger foundation of values. With each activity and group discussion, I grew as a better person. There was a discussion on making our own wealth statement where I realized that the things that matter the most in my life are given the least time whereas the things which do not matter are given the utmost time. Moreover, the sharings from other contestants of life classes made me realize that we all have troubles in our lives though in different ways but what matters is the way we look at the problem. Life classes also made me realize the value of balancing social, spiritual, mental and physical aspect of my life. Having synergizing activities and movie reflections made the life classes more interesting.


Thank you Nisha mam and Bhumika mam for enlightening me through the life classes. These learnings will always be cherished by me. Thank you FS for giving this opportunity.

Reflection time!!!

The year long sessions on the book “7 Habits of Highly effective people” was a different learning experience. It has helped me enhance my circle of influence and has motivated me to be proactive rather than reactive. It was also interesting to know the perspectives of all co-participants and to participate in various activities. A few activities and sessions were boring and less engaging. Overall, it was a good experience.

Happiness is the key to success!

You are successful, if you are happy :).

7 Habits – Dear Zindagi…

I remember the 1st day of the life class where my expectation from the series of sessions was to revisit the idealogy of 7 habits and review that how much of it I had really applied in my 7 years of career. Earlier also I attended 2 workshops on 7 Habits in my previous jobs and they too were focused on improving leadership, managerial skill, decision-making, work-habits etc., just like any professional 7 Habits workshop. It certainly helped me this time too post attending life class at FS because of which I believe I have become more Empathetic, Compassionate and Competent HR Professional… I have been more Proactive, better at planning, started developing ability to see Big Picture and attempted to come out as more acceptable leader at FS…but I the truth is I feel more contented thinking the impact it has made at personal level…


First time that I connected with my inner-self…my emotional part and I introspect on my relationships and on how have I been living my life and here on how I would like to live it. I remember that I confessed that I am ‘Emotionally deficit’ and how difficult it is for me to express my emotions… Well what do I say… I am a changed woman… This time each session helped unlayer areas of improvement on personal front…So here goes my reflections:

  • My approach now towards life is to have liberal and broader perspective about relationships that I have.
  • Its fine to express as it only brings close-ones more closer. I remember pouring my heart out several times during life-classes and all examples were personal; which was so unlike me but I enjoyed confessing as well as sharing.
  • I now have my bucket-list which I want to achive in life and there is no professional goal in it. I have realised that as much as I get Kick every time I achieved a milestone at office…I now get same kick when I cook a tasty dish without burning, in less-time and with less mess in kitchen for my family.
  • I now value work-life balance. It doesn’t not mean I have lost passion for work..Work defines me but now I also know few people who too defines me.
  • I have also become responsible for my health and well-being. I have also discovered a new hobby…to write…any random thought to elated emotions…I pen it down everytime and then I try making sense of it…

Over a year I have laughed more, made more friends at workplace for first time, lost weight, changed wardrobe and started dressing as I use to, love more, express more and most importantly…live more.

The 7 Habits

How often do we get a chance to look within ourselves? “The 7 habits” life class was a experience like no other. All our lives we build walls around ourselves ensuring no one take a dig at our problems, worries, insecurities or the less talked about moments. This year I got to know myself a little better. Handling situations, people and myself in a way that doesn’t hinder my mental peace.

I have ceaselessly looked forward to the life classes.  The tears, laughter and the smiles we shared with people once unknown, has given a new perspective towards life. We had some crazy times where we depicted situations with various problems and discussed how these situations can be handled in a more responsible manner. I recall playing quite a humorous yet sadly realistic character of an overly burdened working woman, who struggles between work, family and home. We learned that sometimes effective communication can make all the difference.

The toughest thing was to gather the courage and make the apologies and garner the much due appreciations. We were given papers and roses by the facilitators for writing “thank you” or “sorry” notes. Funny how I knew I had so many people to thank and apologize to but once I held that pen my words just froze. Writing a note to my mother was the scariest feeling. That anxiety of not being sure how she would react almost made me not want do this. But I am glad I did.

There are countless things I have implemented from my Life class in my daily routine. Given a chance, I would do it all over again.

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